The Kind Box

The Go-To for Ethical Gifting

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The Kind Box is our brand new ethical gift box to make green gift giving as simple as possible. You can effortlessly choose a curated gift box or build a custom gift box with our bespoke build a box platform, add a greetings card, then we will send the box direct to your friends and family with your hand-written message inside. You can skip the queues at the post office completely as The Kind Box is designed with our bespoke 'The Kind Box' postage wrap to be sent direct to your loved one.


All of our ethical, unique and hand-picked products have been tried and tested in-house by The Kind Store team and sourced using our sustainable principles so you can trust that what you are gifting is good for animals, planet and people. We work with UK independent makers and suppliers to curate eco-friendly gift boxes or you can choose from hundreds of vegan, natural, sustainable and cruelty-free gifts. We have done the research so you don't have to!


We hope our gift collection inspires your friends and family to make long term changes to their lifestyle. As always, we promote buying less but buying better.


Our gift boxes are beautifully wrapped with eco-friendly tissue paper, zig zag offcut paper from a UK paper mill and tied with an organic cotton ribbon. Packaged in our custom-made gift box and postal wrap from FSC cardboard to ensure your gift stays safe and to provide the ultimate unboxing experience, completely plastic free.


custom eco kraft postage wrap for the kind box
Our custom postage wrap

How it Works


Select either your favourite curated gift box or create a custom box on our Build A Box platform from our hand-picked selection of vegan and eco products. We curate the best products to inspire your loved ones to make sustainable swaps.


Choose a greetings card you'd like to send with your box and type in your personal note when prompted. 


Your chosen Kind Box will be packed to perfection and carefully wrapped and delivered to the door of your loved one with your hand-written message inside. You can then take all the credit.

Curated Gift Boxes

the kind box curated gift box for baby by the kind store.

We have four curated Kind Boxes, filled with our most popular gifts. The easiest way to to gift green. Our curated gift boxes have been specifically chosen to showcase the best sustainable and ethical products to your loved ones. They are filled with our most popular and best selling products to ensure your gift is loved and does not go to waste. With 60 million unwanted Christmas presents every year in the UK, we have spent months researching and put together our boxes so you can avoid last-minute panic buys.

Custom Gift Boxes

custom gift box by the kind store in eco kraft with sustainable gifts being placed inside.


Our custom gift boxes are created on our Build A Box platform which takes you through three really simple steps.


Welcome to ethical gifting made easy! It all starts with the box! We have just one box size to choose from during our first season which has been chosen based on the most popular size.


Finish your gift box with a perfect matching and fully customisable card from our selection of cards for every occasion. Leave a note when you add the bundle to your cart and we will write your message inside (we have great hand writing!). 


We have handpicked our best selling eco and vegan gifts. We recommend selecting 3-6 items and we will arrange and pack them with care. If you don't see the item you want in our gift selection, add the product to your cart as usual and leave a note at check out and we'll add it to your box.

We have a set a limit of 6 products. The total of items in your bundle will be 8 once you include the box and card. You do not have to fill up the box. You can checkout with less.



Can I send direct to the recipient?

Yes of course, that's the idea! If you want to send it direct to your recipient, just put their address in the shipping address section at checkout. 

Don't forget, our boxes are posted in our bespoke custom wrap which means the gift box won't get damaged during postage and creates the ultimate unboxing experience.

Can I send more than one gift box?

Totally! If you want to order multiple boxes to the same address, keep creating new gift bundles or update the quantity in your cart. However, if you want to send each gift box to a different recipient direct, you will need to check out each box individually so you can amend the shipping address each time and pay postage for each. Don't forget we have free postage over £50.

All our gift boxes are designed to be posted direct to the recipient so you can skip the post office queues.

I want to order a gift box and items for myself too.

We love this however everything is sent to the same address. You could add everything to your cart and ship to yourself and then give the gift to your loved one in person or if that is not possible, you will have to check out twice so you can send the gift box direct to your loved one and purchase your own gifts separately to send to your own home.

How much is shipping?

See our Delivery & Shipping page. It's £2.99 or £3.99 depending on which service you select in the UK. Don't forget, we offer free delivery over £50.

How long will my order take to arrive?

See our Delivery & Shipping page. We post orders every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. If you order before 1pm on Monday, Wednesday or Friday, it will be posted the same day, otherwise it will be posted on the next postage day. When your item is posted it then arrives within 24 or 48 hours, depending on which service you choose. For the 24 hour service, allow 1-3 days and for the 48 hour service, allow 2-4 days.

I don't want my loved one opening their gift box before a certain date.

No problem. You can leave a note at checkout and we will write this on the box for you.

I want to build a custom box but the product I want to add in the box isn't available to select.

We're sorry about that! We have selected our most popular gift items and those that will fit within our custom gift box in the Build A Box platform however if you do want to add something else, complete the gift box bundle with all of your other items in the box plus your greetings card and add the gift box bundle into your cart. Then continue shopping as normal, find the additional item in our store and also add this to your cart. Simply leave us a note at checkout and ask that the extra item is put inside the box. Please note the dimension of the box below to decipher what will fit in the box. We have plenty of photos of the box to give you an idea.

What size is your box?

L: 250 x W: 184 x H: 80 mm

How much fits in your box?

We recommend 3-6 items, depending on size. We have currently set the limit within our Build A Box platform at 6 items to prevent over-filling.

Why do you charge for your gift box?

We would absolutely love to not charge for our gift boxes but they are expensive. We do not make any profit on the boxes at all. In fact, once you include the eco tissue paper, organic cotton tape and thank you note, it already costs us more than we charge you. Due to being a small company, we can only order our boxes in small quantities which makes them more expensive to produce. Additionally, we have ensured our boxes are sourced from FSC and printed with vegan and eco ink. We take care packing your boxes so they are truly special and you won't need to gift wrap them yourself.

What is your gift box packaging?

Our gift box is FSC cardboard printed with vegan and eco ink. Inside, we carefully lay our acid free tissue paper printed with soy ink. Our kraft zigzag paper, sourced from UK paper mill offcuts is packed carefully with your products to ensure the contents stay safe during postage. We then tie up the contents with organic cotton ribbon and add our note card with your personal hand-written greetings card. Our box is then wrapped in our bespoke cardboard postage wrap to ensure the box stays safe. The postage label is attached to this to ensure the gift box is in perfect condition for your loved one. If you are sending the box to yourself, you can remove the postage wrap beforehand.

We wanted the unboxing experience to be part of the gift experience itself, so we take great care in packing our gifts and make them look as pretty as possible!  

Do you include the price in your gift box?

No, we don't include any paperwork other than a thank you card and your greetings card.

Incorrect Delivery Addresses

If you have made an error in the shipping address, please get in touch with us straight away. We can make changes before the gift has been dispatched; you will have received an email to advise if your order has already been shipped. After dispatch we cannot make any changes to the address. We cannot accept responsibility for an undelivered or lost item caused by an error in the shipping address.


Please refer to our exchanges and returns policy.