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Hey there!

Founded by Natasha Tyler (more on me, Tash, below), we believe everybody can make a difference and we all have the power to instigate change. By making small achievable changes to your daily life, you will have a big impact on the environment, animals and yourself! Where you spend your money will shape the world we live.

We encourage you to buy less but we want you to buy better. 

We have brought together the best tried and tested everyday essentials in one place to make it easier for you to shop ethically. We’ve made it easier for everybody to make small and practical changes and support business who value planet over profit.

Planet over profit

So, if you’re looking for cruelty free, plastic free or even waste free products, we’ve got you covered. You can see a full list of our values below. The brands we work with are on the same mission as us too. You can see more about the amazing brands we work with here.

Our Mission: To make the best choice for people, planet and animals.

Our Story

About the founder Tash

Hello again, I’m Tash the founder of The Kind Store and the person behind ‘we’ as it's just me and a little help from my family running the store, alongside our lovely loyal customers and social media followers, so thank you.

It all started over six years ago when I turned vegetarian and not long after, vegan.


A more conscious outlook on the food I was eating, gradually got me thinking about the ingredients I put on my body, the methods of manufacture and the disposable lifestyle so many of us lead.

I didn’t have any big ambitions at the time, I just wanted to do what I could to reduce my impact on the world whether helping to alleviate the suffering of animals or reduce the waste in my bin.

My sub-conscious changes soon turned into an active mission to learn more, but it was so time consuming, frustrating and more often than not, impossible to find sustainable alternatives or access them easily. I remember wishing it was all in one place so I created The Kind Store (with no online retail experience whatsoever!) to bring together all of my favourite tried and tested products and I can't wait to share them with you! I have spent many months over the past three years (and still am) searching for vegan and sustainable products, and am really passionate about the benefits of natural products too, not only for you but for the planet.

Our toiletry range is our first collection and most popular. My store and range of products is constantly growing as I replace cheap, disposable items with kinder products in all aspects of my life and it made sense to include these collections so you can live a kinder life in every aspect from your toilet paper to a pair of earrings and everything in between.

By day, I work full time as a Chartered Building Surveyor and some how fit The Kind Store around my job. I feel so passionate about the products and the benefits they bring to all, and I'm having so much fun learning about how to build a business and reach more of you guys. I’m sourcing, testing, listing, packing, instagramming etc and absolutely love it. My Mum has recently started to help pack one day a week and I’ll shortly be looking for more packers….exciting times!

I hope you feel inspired to try out some of the amazing products I stock and I can't wait to hear your feedback.

Tash x

Our Values

We carefully select and test every product before you see it on our virtual shelves. We source products based on our 10 Principles in our Sustainable Business Plan, and in practice they fall into the following collections: 

Vegan, Cruelty Free, Natural, Plastic Free, Organic, DIY, Zero Waste, Compostable, Water free, Fair Trade, Giving Back, Made in the UK and Refillable.

Reasons to Shop With Us

Independent brands

A curated selection of essentials and products you need with sustainability at the heart of each product. We’ve done all of the hard work hand-picking the best products available so you don’t have too. See more about our brands here.

Shop small

Supporting small brands and my store will slowly bring about change. For example, we demand plastic free packaging from our suppliers, some of whom didn't do this before us. They now have plastic free packaging for all of their customers and we have even offered advice and brainstormed with brands on how to reduce plastic and waste from their product ranges.

The more you support us, the more power we have to demand change up the supply chain.

By demonstrating to larger brands that you support us doing the right thing it will hopefully persuade them to look into their practices and value planet over profit like us.

Buy better

Buying less but buy better. Our products are not only better for the environment, they are also better quality than cheap disposable items and actually work.

Tried and Tested

We believe that in order for the most people to make changes to their daily routine, the products also need to perform equally, if not better and also look good, which is why we try and test every product (and so do our friends) to ensure it will impress you.

Our Packaging

See more information about our packaging here.

Exclusive sets

We have a small selection of exclusive gift sets, bringing together our best sellers which make the perfect starter packs or gifts to help your friends and family make the switch. They are also 10% off rrp. Our gift sets can either be purchased in a branded cardboard box or an organic cotton bag which you can re-use.


Check out our Kind Business Plan or Trash Transparency sections.

Get in touch

Head over to our Contact Page and please include a subject. For urgent enquiries relating to order or shipping issues, please state in the subject and we will endeavour to get back to you within 24 hours.

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