Our Ethos

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Our Ethos for a Sustainable Future

people + planet + animals

A principal based approach to business 

As an online retailer, we are transparent in everything we do so our customers can confidently shop with us knowing that our ethical principles guide us and our every decision. As a responsible business, we enact the same values and principles wherever we have a presence, and know that good practices in one area do not offset harm in another. We want to do business responsibly and then pursue opportunities to solve environmental and societal challenges through business innovation and collaboration.

Our Top 10 Principles

To see all of our principles and policies as part of our Sustainable Business Plan click here.

1. Vegan & Cruelty-Free: We are a vegan owned and operated business. We only stock vegan products, priorities vegan brands and every product we stock is cruelty-free and never tested on animals.

2. Natural Ingredients: Our products are 100% natural as standard. We avoid numerous toxic products in our cosmetics and cleaning items including Aluminium Compounds, SLS/SLES, Parabens, Synthetic Colours, Synthetic Fragrances, Nano spf ingredients, Phtalates, Propylene Glycol, Triclosan or Formaldehyde. We also prioritise organic ingredients and organic certification.

3. Zero Waste Business: We strive to become a zero waste business in every aspect of our operation from considering the packaging waste we create to the product packaging our brands use. We actively opt for paper/glass/metal over plastic packaged products and work with suppliers to create refill and package-free solutions. All of our parcels are posted plastic free as standard.

4. Fair & Transparent Supply Chain: We only work with suppliers who ensure workers rights, diversity, inclusion and equality are safeguarded. We seek to work with Fair-trade producers to improve their livelihoods and communities with concern for social, economic and the environmental wellbeing of marginalised small producers. 

5. Sustainable Sourcing: We source the most sustainable products available in each category and have strict criteria regarding the sourcing of items such as organic cotton, FSC timber and RSPO palm oil. Our sustainable sourcing policy also includes up cycled and pre-loved materials.

6. Responsible Consumption: We encourage our customers to buy less but buy better. Every single one of our products is tried and tested to ensure our products  perform equally, if not better than conventional products.

7. Climate Neutral: A longer term aim of our business is to become a net zero emission company. Our HQ is currently powered by renewable electricity. We do not ship internationally to reduce our carbon footprint.

8. Small Independent Businesses: We prioritise working with small independent businesses who make their products by hand in the UK. We source the vast majority of our products direct to the brands themselves to help support other small businesses too.

9. Charity: We give at least 10% of our profits to charity. Our current charity partner is Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary in Essex. We also partner with various other social, environmental and animal charities throughout each year.

10. Environmental Innovation: We collaborate with our suppliers and makers to improve products and packaging. We also petition for larger suppliers and governments to make corporate and governance change for the benefit of people, planet & animals.


Our suppliers Code of Conduct will be available to view by end January 2021

We are currently undertaking our our diversity and inclusion audit of the brands and products we work with and stock. Results will be available at end January 2021. 


We are also proud members of Ecologi, a group which helps us to reduce the carbon footprint of each of our employees, whilst at work and at home.

Ecologi calculates the amount of CO2 emissions each of our team produce and allows us to offset those emissions with monetary donations to projects that work to reduce atmospheric CO2 levels such as wind and solar farm projects. They also plant trees. Every project is gold standard which is the best standard available. This is the first step in making The Kind Store carbon positive and we have started with offsetting our team as individuals. Next is looking at the CO2 emissions of our HQ and then our operations.