What Are Soapnuts, Where They Come From And How To Use Them

living naturally soapnuts.

You might be wondering what are soapnuts, where they come from and how you are supposed to use them. Well, we will answer all of these questions in this blog post and we bet you cannot wait to try these useful, zero waste and 100% natural cleaning agents.

Soapnuts are the only organic washing detergent that grows on trees!

What are soapnuts?

Yes, you heard me right! Soapnuts are dried fruit shells that were grown on trees and that contain 100% natural soap. These soapnuts are also known as soap berries and are by far the best alternative to traditional, toxic laundry detergent.

What will the soapnuts look like and come in?

The soapnuts will come inside a biodegradable bag and there will be a mix of whole and broken shells. This does not affect the efficacy of the soapnuts. There also may be a variation of colours and this is due to the time the soapnuts were harvested, but they will work perfectly whatever colour they are.

Advantages of using soapnuts

Soapnuts are highly-effective and gentle at the same time. When comparing them to other laundry liquids and laundry detergents, the mildness of soapnuts keep the colours of your clothes bright and will maintain the fabric structure of your clothes, making your clothes look newer and last for longer.

They are compostable, plastic free, 100% natural, allow for waste-free laundry and are much more effective than you'd ever think from a product that grows on trees. Unlike other traditional laundry detergents, soapnuts contain no fillers, foaming agents, bleach, phthlates, phosphates or parabens.

They are also the cheapest natural laundry detergent out there with a bag of 1kg of soapnuts lasting for approximately 480 washes. They sound too good to be true don’t they, but we promise there is no catch! So, what are you waiting for?

How do soapnuts work?

Soapnuts contain a natural soap called saponin and when water is added to them, it is released. Saponin naturally helps to remove dirt and grime from clothes and helps move it from the item it is attached to. Guess what? This is how all synthetic detergents work, so it does the exact same job but with zero harm to our environment.

How do you use soapnuts as laundry detergent?

Put approximately 5 soapnut shells inside a little muslin bag and tie securely. You can soak the soapnuts in just boiled water too before washing to help release the soap. Pop the bag inside the washing machine and if you want to add essential oil for a different subtle scent, you can add 5-10 drops of your chosen oil direct to the bag beforehand. 

The soapnuts can be used to wash all fabrics and at all temperatures from 30-90 degrees celsius. Great for all washing machines especially energy efficient machines & really good for all allergy sufferers.

How long will the soapnuts last?

Five soapnut shells will last around six washes and once they’ve been used for roughly this amount of time put them on your compost or anywhere in the garden.

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organic laundry soapnuts in drawstring bag.

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