How To Use And Benefits Of Citric Acid

citric acid in bowl and lemons next to bowl.

This guide will tell you all about natural citric acid and how it can be used for cleaning, cooking, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals or as a pH regulator. 

What is citric acid?

Citric acid has many uses in our world, especially in plants. It can be found most famously in lemons and other citruses as well as in almost all fungi, fruits and even woods. Nowadays we use it as a common food additive or as a pH regulator in soft drinks. This makes it great in your kitchen as it’s used in many fun recipes (like in our Homemade Elderflower Cordial Recipe) and can be used to enhance the flavour of your food. Not to mention it’s an amazing antioxidant which is another reason it’s a great addition to your recipes.

This food-grade citric acid is also great at tackling limescale and can be an alternative natural cleaner to some smellier ones like vinegar. It’s also a useful preservative and can be used in many cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. The wide range of uses means it makes a great eco-friendly addition to the household.

How to use and benefits of citric acid

Clean your kettle

Fill your kettle with water and add in a couple teaspoons of citric acid. Once it's done brewing, any build-up will be gone.

Clean your toilet

Just add a tablespoon into the pan and let it sit for at least 15 to 20 minutes (ideally overnight). Give it a quick brush or scrub and then flush. The water will wash away all the acid remains as well as any scum and mineral deposit build-ups, leaving your toilet bowl sparkly clean!

Clean your bathroom floor

Add a tablespoon to your floor cleaner mixture/just water and soak your floor mop before your clean.

Limescale on your taps

Gently spread your solution over the taps and watch as the limescale gets rubbed off! Alternatively, you can pour the citric acid solution into a spray bottle (you will need to add more water) for easier application. Do not use on brass taps.

Create a spray cleaner for your entire bathroom

Mix 500ml hot water and one tablespoon citric acid into a clean spray bottle and shake it well. Then, spray it onto the dirty surfaces. Deal with any difficult-to-deal-with stains by soaking a clean cloth or towel with the mixture and pressing it to the surface. Let it do its thing for a couple of moments and then rinse the entire surface.

Soap scum on shower doors

Pour 500ml of hot water and 1 tablespoon of citric acid into amber glass bottle. Spray & wipe. If really stubborn leave solution on for a least 15 minutes before wiping off.

Cleaning your dishwasher

Fill the detergent cup with a Tablespoon. Run the dishwasher on a hot cycle, letting it do its thing. All the grime and build-up hanging out in there will be broken down and rinsed away.

Get rid of mineral deposits

Mineral deposits from hard water are tricky to get rid of. Add a few tablespoons to hot water, scrub with a sponge and rinse.


Works really well as fabric softener. Clothes come out of the washing machine alkaline and so citric acid helps to balance the PH level of your clothes. Add some to a load of laundry for softer water and you will also need to use less soap.

Get rid of dust

If used to clean surfaces, it can even help to repel dust! 6 parts water and 1 part citric acid. Just spray and wipe the surfaces to clean them, with the added bonus that dust will not congregate on your surfaces quite as much.

Clean your copper

Soak your copper overnight in 4.5 litres of water and 30g of citric acid. Wipe in the morning and copper should be as good as new!

Window Cleaner

Pour 500ml of hot water and 1 tablespoon of citric acid into amber glass bottle. Spray & wipe.

    While completely eco-friendly and great at cleaning a lot of home areas, citric acids should not be used on natural stone surfaces or brass items. That includes things like stone flooring, marble countertops, brass taps, brass ornaments and brass antiques. 

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    • Adding citric acid to compound feed can disinfect, prevent mildew and prevent Salmonella from infecting animal feed. Animal intake of citric acid can reduce the proliferation of pathogens, inhibit the production of toxic metabolites and improve animal stress.
      (1) Increase feed intake and promote nutrient digestion and absorption
      Adding citric acid to the diet can improve the palatability of the diet. Citric acid can directly stimulate taste bud cells in the mouth, increase saliva secretion, play the role of flavoring agent, enhance animal appetite, improve animal food intake, promotes the digestion of nutrients.
      (2) Promote intestinal flora health
      Citric acid can reduce the pH in the gastrointestinal tract and obtain good growth conditions for probiotics such as lactic acid bacteria in the intestinal tract, so as to maintain the normal balance of microbial flora in the digestive tract of livestock and poultry.
      (3) Enhance the body’s anti stress and immune ability
      Immunocompetent cells, namely T lymphocytes and B lymphocytes, play an immune surveillance role in the body. The results showed that feeding citric acid to broilers could make the density of immune active cells higher, make the chickens in a better immune state, inhibit the reproduction of intestinal pathogens and prevent the occurrence of infectious diseases.
      (4) As mildew inhibitor and antioxidant
      Citric acid is a natural preservative. Citric acid can reduce the pH of feed, inhibit the proliferation of harmful microorganisms and the production of toxins, and has obvious anti mildew effect. As a synergist of antioxidants, the mixed use of citric acid and antioxidants can improve the antioxidant effect, prevent or delay feed oxidation, improve the stability of compound feed and prolong the storage period.
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