What is Natural Deodorant & How Does it Really Work?

natural and vegan deodorants in pyramid.

So you want to try a natural deodorant but aren't sure if they actually work. Well, fear not as I've put The Natural Deodorant Company to the test and I promise you that stinky pits are a thing of the past.

When I say I've put them to the test, I really mean it. My boyfriend Jason is a big fan too and he's joined in on the testing action and nor all of my family and friends are regular users! He works an active job in construction and they have the thumbs up from him. Whether working, running, travelling (included flying - I always find I get a bit sweaty on a plane!), snowboarding, gardening, on the tube in the summer (sweating hell), yoga and just day-to-day life, The Natural Deodorant Company haven't let me down once.
They've got everyone covered too. They have three distinct ranges; Clean, Gentle and Active, plus a 'For Men' although all of them really are unisex. They created a 'For Men' option after a number of requests but I loved using it. Jason and I are now both using the 'For Men' so it's really just a case of choosing the most appealing flavour combination.
 they are available in two size too! 55g which will last you around three months and a smaller 20g which is perfect for travelling, or even testing out if you're still not sure after reading all of this. A 15g Active deodorant is also perfect for your gym bag to top up just before a session or class.
Along with being natural, they come in 100% recyclable packaging. A glass jar with metal lid (although there is an EDE liner). The glass jars are handy to re-use once you've finished. Both sizes are suitable for hand luggage too.
Another eco point is the fact they are made in the same town as me, meaning very little carbon emissions when I pick them up!
Not to forget that of course of all the ingrediatens are vegan and cruelty free. In fact, The Natural Deodorant Company are a 100% vegan company.

How do you use natural deodorants?

It's a real treat to use the deodorant balm/cream in the morning. I really feel like I am moisturising my armpits; it's turned into a bit of a morning ritual...! All you have to do is scoop a pea-sized amount of deodorant out of the jar and soften between fingertips. Gently apply to the underarm skin, ensuring it is applied to the whole area and massage lightly into the skin for maximum absorption. Make sure you store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. I find the sensitive cream is a bit harder than the others so keep that one in a slightly warmer place so its easier to scoop out.
If you're looking for a tube applied deodorant, we also stock Ben & Anna deodorant in a paper tube which is compostable. They work in the exact same way as below.

Underarm Facts

In the small hollow of your armpit, amazing things are happening.
  • This warm little nook is home to a large number of lymph nodes and sweat glands.
  • Your underarm (axillary) lymph nodes are separated into two clusters. They are an important part of your body’s immune system because they produce a variety of immune cells called lymphocytes that fight infection.
  • The armpit is also home to the highest density of sweat glands – around 500,000!
  • These sweat glands are primarily designed to keep you cool. The idea that we sweat to expel toxins from the body is slightly misguided. A tiny amount of toxins may leave the body via sweat- but detoxifying is the job of the liver and kidneys. So you can’t really ‘sweat out’ last nights bottle of Rioja.
  • Millions of bacteria live on the skin under our arms (the scientific term for this is a ‘microbiome’). In fact, there are approximately 1 million bacteria per square inch of underarm skin. It must be like the Central line on a Friday evening.
  • Sweat in itself is odourless (who knew?!) but when bacteria interacts with sweat, it causes body odour.

So, how does Natural Deodorant work?

Every day your body releases sweat from glands under the surface of the skin. At first sweat is odourless and it is made up of proteins, water, potassium & sodium. When sweat interacts with certain bacteria living on the underarm skin it causes ‘body odour’. Depending on why we’re sweating, a different combination of sweat components are released. For example, ‘stressed sweat’ can release different chemicals to ‘heat sweat’.

Deodorant vs Antiperspirant

  • Antiperspirants are aluminium based and use a gel-like substance to block your sweat ducts, preventing or at least reducing the amount of sweat your body produces. Over time our bodies can become accustomed to whichever antiperspirant we are using, so people are told to change them frequently to avoid becoming to immune to their sweat blocking properties. Interestingly, research published in the archives of the Dermatological Research show that regular use of antiperspirants can actually lead to more body odour.rchves show that regular use of antiperspirants can actually lead to more body odour. 
  • Deodorants work by eradicating the odour causing bacteria. By killing the bacteria, your sweat has nothing to interact with and no odour is produced. Deodorant does not block pores to inhibit perspiration. Sweat is your body’s in-built air conditioning unit, and is essential for good health. Your 4 million sweat glands enable you to maintain a safe body temperature and sends sodium (salt) back into the blood to maintain salinity in the body.
  • In most deodorants (natural and otherwise) a key ingredient is alcohol. Alcohol is certainly an effective antibacterial (which is why alcohol gel is on every hospital ward), but applying it to your delicate underarm skin on a daily basis is not advisable. Alcohol kills both good and bad bacteria and leaves skin prone to dryness and irritation. Healthy skin is home to a diverse array of flora and we should not attempt to wipe them out entirely.

How to Deodorise Naturally

So until quite recently the two most commonly used ingredients in deodorants and antiperspirants were alcohol or aluminium. No wonder so many people struggled to find a deodorant that didn’t upset the delicate balance of their underarm skin!
A far better (and more effective) approach is to use gentle antibacterial ingredients in combination. This ensures that the natural skin flora remains in balance and your underarms stay healthy and fresh. It’s ideal for a natural deodorant to contain oils or butters, along with some powders to enable the deodorant to be absorbed gently into the skin with our being abrasive. Dry deodorant sticks and powders can leave skin irritated and sore.
In the Clean Deodorant Balm you will find following antibacterial ingredients: Magnesium Oxide, Sodium Bicarbonate, Essential Oils and Coconut Oil.
Each of these ingredients has been proven to effectively kill odour causing bacteria on the skin. Coconut oil also has the added benefit of being able to reach the dermis (deep layers of the skin) allowing the antibacterial action to begin under the surface.
The Natural Deodorant Company are designed to be applied by hand because this is the most effective way to deliver long lasting deodorising results. Imagine applying a stick of face cream- it wouldn’t be able to do its job very well sitting on the surface of you skin, would it? By using your fingertips the moisturising ingredients are massaged into the skin, keeping it healthy and soft, and the active ingredients such as arrowroot, magnesium oxide and sodium bicarbonate provide effective antibacterial coverage on the surface. Used correctly our deodorant balms and creams absorb instantly into the skin and leave a light powder finish without ever feeling dry or sticky.

Why Doesn’t Natural Deodorant Work For Me?

You haven’t found the right one yet! I know how hard it is to find a natural deodorant that works and I'm confident that once you’ve tried The Natural Deodorant Company, you won’t want to go back to your old deodorant or antiperspirant.
Side note: It can occasionally take a few weeks for natural deodorant to ‘work’. Some people experience a settling period while their body adjusts to being able to perspire naturally. They may sweat slightly more in the first week or so, but this subsides quickly. We find this only happens in about 10% of people. If you have been using antiperspirant it may also be that the aluminium gel is leaving your pores since this is not washed off in the shower like you would expect. The way sweat smells can also differ from day to day based on diet, skin pH, alcohol consumption, stress and medication. This can make people people worry that their favourite deodorant has stopped working for some reason but this can usually be attributed to one of the factors mentioned above and will return to normal.

The Kind Store team try and test all products that we stock, so you can be certain that what you are buying is high quality, works well and loved by us. We source all products using our ethos via our sustainable principles, so you can trust that what you are buying is kind to animals, people and planet. We stock items from UK independent makers and suppliers to ensure our products are eco-friendly. Discover hundreds of vegan, natural, sustainable and cruelty-free products.

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