Evolve's New Sustainable Grass Paper Packaging

evolve beauty sustainable grass paper packaging.

Evolve have recently taken a huge step towards becoming a more circular skincare brand by introducing their new, sustainable, eco-friendly and fully compostable grass paper cartons.

Their grass paper packaging is made with up to 40% natural grass fibres which are harvested close to the factory, where the cartons are crafted.

This natural production process means that are not only are the cartons FSC certified and recyclable, but also completely compostable in your home compost bin.

Each carton is unique, with each box speckled with grass and having a very subtle smell of freshly cut grass.

  • Saves on water, energy use and reduces the amount of CO2 in production.
  • 100% home compostable. Just remove the label!
  • 40% locally sourced grass fibers.
  • FSC certified and recyclable.
  • Gender neutral packaging.

Did you know? Evolve's workspace runs on 100% wind power with energy efficient lighting, saving an average of 1kg of co2 for every KWH. That is 5.4 tonnes of co2 saved.

evolve beauty sustainable grass packaging.

Why have Evolve Beauty switched from cardboard to grass paper?

  • They are an even better alternative to conventional cardboard packaging and are one of the most sustainable and environmentally friendly ways to package products.
  • Compared to wood pulp packaging, these new grass paper cartons save on water, energy use and reduce the amount of CO2 produced during production.
  • This new grass paper is ‘OK compost HOME’ certified by TUV Austria meaning you can just pop your grass paper packaging in your garden compost bin and it will eventually biodegrade - just remember to remove the label first!
  • Evolve are one of the first beauty brands to use grass paper cartons, helping us to be more sustainable and eco-friendly.

Evolve Beauty are the UK's first plastic negative beauty company

plastic negative certified logo.

Evolve have measured their plastic consumption and partnered with rePurpose Global to invest in projects that remove twice as much plastic as they purchase from the planet to become certified Plastic Negative.

Plus, Evolve have COSMOS certifed organic and natural certification for 32 of their products and are continuing to making active steps to increase this.

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