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We have decided to introduce Shop By Skin Type, so you can get targeted skincare products that will make your skin happier and make finding the right product easier for you.

So many people get lost in the world of skin care and end up using the wrong skincare products for their skin type or skin concerns because there is just too much choice. Plus our skin can react to environmental changes (sun, weather, pollution), stress, lack of sleep, hormones, diet, lifestyle choices, medication making it either harder to find the 'perfect' skincare routine.

We want to make choosing natural & vegan skincare products easy and enjoyable and ensure that you are as informed as possible so by getting to know your own skin and how it reacts, can help your find your balance. 

It can be difficult to categorise your skin type as only one, due to the reasons above, but to make it as simple as possible, we have created collections of the most common skin types and listed below their typical features to save you scrolling through, knowing and trusting that these products are most suited to your type.

Our Skin Type Collections

This simple guide to the different skin type collections we have, will point you in the right direction and help you to start making the best choices for your skin type.

The Skin Type Test

  1. Remove all make-up and cleanse your skin. Non-foaming is best.
  2. Apply a floral water or toner. Ensure it does not contain alcohol.
  3. Leave the skin for at least two hours without any moisturiser, facial oil or serum. Just let it be.
  4. After a couple of hours, check your skin in a mirror. You are looking for dryness, flakiness and areas of oil. Make a list of what you can see and start matching it against the skin types below.
  • Caused by low levels of lipids and serums i.e. lacking oil.
  • It can be seasonal but not to be confused with dehydrated skin, which is a condition, not a skin type (see more info below).
  • The root cause can be anything from ageing (this skin type is common in mature skin) to hormone imbalance, genetics or the seasons.
  • Feel: Tautness and screams out for moisture after cleansing. Often feels dry by the afternoon. Flaky and rough to touch.
  • Mood: Uncomfortable and prone to irritation. Hates the cold by central heating tends to make it red and irritable too.
  • Look: Dry with occasional patches of roughness and flakiness. More prone to fine lines. Pores will be small and tight.
  • Issue: Lack of oil produced by the sebaceous glands. If it doesn;t right itself with richer creams, then it may be a dehydration issue in combination with dryness.
  • Good news: Increase your intake of omega-3 rich foods and supplements. Loves topical aloic acid rich oils (omega 9 fatty acids i.e olive oil, sweet almond oil, avocado oil and shea butter), which can be used alone or blended with your moisturiser.
Skincare products included in this collection: moisturisers, soothing body butters, oils, nourishing face masks, hydrating balms and more.
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Dehydrated Skin

  • A skin condition (not type) and often temporary. Not to be confused with dry skin.
  • Can go hand-in-hand with other skin types.
  • Affects the skin's ability to change shape and return to normal.
  • Due to low water content often caused by external factors and the weather.
  • Feel: Tight and dry to touch. Feels better after a shower or steam room session. Often coupled with dry, dehydrated lips.
  • Mood: Generally uncomfortable and prone to irritation. Loves humid weather but doesn't like dry central heating.
  • Look: Dull and lifeless, responds well to water intake (a bit like a wilted plant!). Forehead will crease in little fine horizontal lines when eyebrows raised.
  • Issue: Lack of water, not oil.
  • Good news: Reacts well to layering products. A water based-serum (containing humectants such as hyaluronic acid and vegetable derived glycerin under your moisturiser helps lock in hydration). Decrease your sugar and caffeine intake and increase water.

Since Dehydrated Skin is a skin concern, and mostly coupled with your skin type, we haven't created a specific collection as it's best to identify your skin type first, and then purchase an additional layering product to use when your skin is dehydrated.

Oily Skin

  • Feel: Quite supply due to extra oil. Feels smooth and oily to touch.
  • Mood: Not greatly affected by heat and temperature. Likes to be washed.
  • Look: Pores often large and prone to blackheads and spots. Has a natural shine which can extend past a 'healthy glow'.
  • Issue: Overproduction of oil via the sebaceous glands.
  • Good news: Oily skin tends to age and wrinkle more slowly than other skin types - all that oil later in life keeps the skin smooth. Working to balance hormones can have an effect on oil production.

Skincare products included in this collection: Best-selling plant based skincare products for acne-prone and oily skin to help clear your skin, so you can say goodbye to breakouts. Products that are specifically for oily skin will help to restore your skin to it's natural balance. They contain zero irritants, allowing your skin to glow again.

You'll find tea tree soap, balancing facial oils & balms, face moisturiser, blemish serum, calming face masks and more.

wild sage and co method cleanser for oily skin.

Sensitive Skin 

  • Probably the most complicated to deal with as sensitivities can be brought on by a variety of factors, such as topical products, environmental factors and even what we eat.
  • Feel: Range from being sensitive to touch, to feeling irritated, hot and flushing. Often goes hand-in-hand with another core skin type i.e. you may be sensitive and dry.
  • Look: Red and reactive or 'irritated'. More sensitive to flushing in heat and burns quickly in the sun.
  • Issue: Unpredictable. Changing products shouldn't really be done without patch testing. Once you find a product or range your skin loves - stick with it. Avoid the temptation to try every new product that launches. 
  • Good news: Loves a less is more approach. It is possible to narrow down the ingredients you are sensitive too. 
Our sensitive skincare collection products contain only 100% natural ingredients. They are kind to the planet and your skin. The products in this collection are targeted to soothe and hydrate sensitive skin conditions like eczema, rosacea, acne and for allergy prone skin. We have only chosen products that are unscented, free from essential oils and irritants.

Skincare products included in this collection: avocado and shea soap, unscented deodorant, soothing super balm, fragrance free lotions and more.


 nathalie bond unscented vegan face oil.

Combination Skin

  • A combination of all of the above!
  • The trick is to use different products for different areas.
  • Feel: Generally normal to dry on the cheeks and oily in other areas such as the T zone (nose, forehead, chin). Can even be dehydrated.
  • Mood: Not greatly affected by heat or temperature, but cold weather may increase dryness and reduce oiliness, while warmer months may bring the opposite.
  • Look: Pores are often larger in the T-zone and prone to spots.
  • Issue: Overproduction of oil in areas and underproduction in others.
  • Good news: We are generally all a combination of skin types. A balanced diet and targeted skincare products often help manage this skin type.
This collection contains the best vegan, cruelty free and ethical skincare products for combination skin. People with combination skin tend to have both dry and oily patches on their face. This means products best suited to this skin type would balance out this mix.
Products included in this collection: quinoa face cleanser, balancing face oils, detox face washes, balancing masks and more.

lucky cloud balancing skincare.

Normal Skin

If you have few or no imperfections have no idea what 'sensitive' is, don't notice your pores in the mirror and rarely think about your skin - it's probably normal! With that in mind, there are very few people that have normal skin. Most will have some issue that they are not happy with.

We haven't therefore created a Normal Skin collection as you can pretty much go for anything. It's best to shop All Skincare and you'll find a number of products that say they are suitable for 'all skin types'.

We've also created a few more targeted collections for those skin concerns that are most frequently searched for. 

Blemished Skin

Our vegan skincare products for oily, acne prone and blemish prone skin contain natural ingredients including jojoba, almond, calendula. Natural skincare products are all round more gentle and delicate on your skin and so are perfect for blemished and sensitive skin types. The products contained in this collection will help fight acne, blemishes and give you a clear complexion.

Products included in this collection: tea tree soap, balancing cleansing balm, clear skin serum, detox mask and more.

evolve beauty lifestyle image of rainforest rescue blemish serum in amber glass bottle.

Mature Skin

This collection contains the best eco and vegan skincare products that will revitalise and nourish mature and dry skin. These products contain anti-ageing, wrinkle busting plant-based ingredients that will make your skin look and feel amazing, naturally.

Skincare products included in this collection: brightening serum, nourishing facial oil, bio-retinol mask, frankincense soap and more.

Our baby skincare collection contains some of our bestselling purest, gentlest, plant based & cruelty free skincare products. Ingredients that are kind to your baby's sensitive skin including shea butter to nurture and protect delicate skin.

Products included in this collection: unscented mama and baby soap, conjac sponge, calendula oil, delicate baby balms and more.

 nathalie bond gentle soap bar.


All of our skincare products are natural, sustainable, vegan, cruelty free and where possible plastic free. We also have refill options where plastic free is not possible. We also stock a small amount of products in recycled plastic as we believe reusing plastic that is already in the system is better than allowing it to end up in landfill or in our oceans.

We have carefully tried & tested everything we stock, and prioritise small, independent UK brands.


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