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Collection: Washing Up

Our range of compostable plastic free cleaning sponges are made from cotton, wood pulp and flax meaning they are compostable at home making them eco-friendly and great for the environment. They are super absorbent, durable and reusable and a perfect alternative to disposable single use paper towels and do not emit micro-plastic pollution, unlike classic sponge cloths either. Use as a general cleaning cloth, dishcloths or instead of kitchen roll to wipe up spills. We also have a range of organic cotton, jute, and upcycled fabric cleaning cloths for wiping surfaces and spills.

We stock a huge range of plant based brushes for your home made from natural fibres such as coconut fibre, loofah and Tampico. We never use animal based bristles as we're a 100% vegan owned and operated store. Our coconut based products including a handy bottle brush are made from sustainably farmed coconut husk's which would otherwise go to waste. Coconut fibres help remove mould, are non-scratch and naturally anti-bacterial. Our Tampico based brushes, from the agave cactus, are a stiffer alternative and a favourite alternative to plasticand nylon brushes meaning no micro-fibres down the plug hole. Our loofahs, despite looking like sea sponge, are plant based from the cucumber family and when wet, expand and soften up, perfect for cleaning. All wooden elements are FSC certified meaning they come from responsibly managed forests or plantations. Our range includes scourers, dish brushes, replaceable dish brush heads, bottle brushes, scrubbing cloths, compostable sponges, bamboo scrapers and more.

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