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You can even detox your laundry and clean your clothes green. One option is soap nuts, from the soapberry tree in the Lychee family which contain a natural soap called Saponin. When the soap nut shells absorb water, the saponin is released, which creates a soaping effect. You can add a couple of drops of essential oil to recreate your favourite laundry scent. Soap nuts are completely natural making them a great alternative for those with sensitive skin and those avoiding harsh chemicals and plastic laundry detergent, yet they still clean tough stains. Once used, they are compostable in the garden and there are zero waste unlike plastic bottles. Soap nut samples are available so you can put them to the test! Another option is our zero waste laundry strips which are pre-measured strips of detergent that you pop in the wash and quickly dissolve in water and completely biodegrade. They are great for the environment as they are lightweight compared to liquid plus they work in hot water, cold water and for hand washing. If you need to tackle those tricky stains, check out our natural stain remover stick! You can even use items from kitchen such as baking soda or citric acid to keep whites white and white vinegar as a fabric conditioner.
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