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Collection: Food Storage

If you are looking for how to avoid those pesky plastic sandwich bags and tackle food waste at the same time, silicone bags are your answer. These sand derived silicone pouches will store anything from cut fruit and vegetables to leftovers and liquids in your fridge or freezer. Use instead of a plastic containers or cling film to fight single use plastic waste. They are airtight and leakproof ensuring your food stays fresh for longer and your kitchen is mess-free. They a microwave, oven and dishwasher safe too. Fancy silicone bags in funky colours?...we stock the stasher bag.

What to use instead of cling film? We have the perfect solution. These super silicone stretch lids are a great way for reducing and replacing plastic waste in your kitchen and for keeping your food fresher for longer. They have an airtight seal and so are great for covering bowls, cans, jars and half cut fruit like melon or even your half cut onion. No mess, no waste.

Wax food wraps are handmade using organic cotton and are a natural way to protect and keep your food fresh and reduce plastic packaging. We only stock a vegan version of a beeswax wrap, made with a mix of plant waxes and pine resin. Use the warmth of your hands to seal around bowls, sandwiches and loaves of bread. We stock the stickiest vegan wraps and they are reusable for up to a year and longer if you use a Vegan Wax Refresher Block. At the end of their life they are compostable or can be used as nifty firelighters.

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