Press Features July 2021-September 2021

Featured in Real People Magazine, 23rd September 2021

The Kind Store's salon-look sustainable Natural Vegan Nail Polish - Green Daze, has been chosen to feature in Real People's magazine.  



Featured in Homes & Interiors Scotland, September 2021 

Our incredibly useful Ten & Co Compostable Sponge Cloth's have been selected and featured in Homes & Interiors Scotland.

ten and co compostable sponge cloth fern.


Featured in Woman's Own Magazine, August 2021

Our beautiful Ten & Co Compostable Sponge Cloth's have been handpicked and featured in Woman's Own Magazine, as a great alternative to a traditional sponge or cloth that cannot be recycled.

ten and co compostable sponge scallop sage design.


Featured in Your Home Magazine, August 2021

Our incredibly practical and durable Stainless Steel 900ml Olive Lunchbox has been chosen to be featured in Your Home Magazine.


Featured in Woman & Home Magazine, August 2021

The Kind Store has been featured in the August Edition of Woman & Home for it's zero waste and plastic-free Stainless Steel Sandwich Box 900ml.

stainless steel and bamboo eco friendly lunch box.

Featured in Decor & Design Scotland, July 2021

The Kind Store's Compostable Sponge Cleaning Cloths (x6) were featured in Decor & Design Scotland's Eco Friendly Summer Cleaning Guide.
compostable sponges (x6)

Featured in PlantBased Magazine, July 2021

Our very popular, incredibly handy and aesthetically pleasing Botanical Vegan Wax Wraps-On-a-Roll have been featured in PlantBased Magazine.
botanical vegan wax wraps on a roll next to cardboard box packaging.


Featured in MMM Magazine, July 2021

Our bestselling and aesthetically pleasing Set of Three Leakproof Stainless Steel Food Containers and Bamboo Cutlery Set have been featured in MMM Magazine's top sustainable picnic tips section.

eco friendsly travel snack containers.  sustainable bamboo cutlery set.


Featured in Homes & Interiors Scotland, 28th July 2021

The Kind Store's 350ml Stainless Steel Cup 2 Pack by Elephant Box, that are perfect for those picnics this summer, were featured in the Summer issue of Homes & Interiors Scotland.

stainless steel reusable 350ml picnic cups. 


Featured in Prima Magazine, July 2021

The Kind Store's super summer-y and easy to grow Butterfly Growbars have been featured in the July edition of Prima Magazine.

butterfly growbar seed bar.


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