Recycled, Reused & Plastic Free Packaging

We have always believed the packaging materials we use are just as important as the product itself.

"The final straw that led me to open The Kind Store was ordering clean & green beauty online (after hours of research) to only be packaged in heaps of plastic bubble wrap, bags and foam pellets with the majority non-recyclable. At this point I realised just how important it was to ensure the delivery experience was in line with my principles and that currently, there didn't seem to be a plastic free option." Founder, Natasha Tyler.

plastic free parenting gift box

We therefore select packaging in the following hierarchy:

  • Re-used materials such as newspaper we use for stuffing sourced from family, friends & neighbours, and other paper packaging materials used by our wholesale suppliers. We occasionally re-use potato starch pellets that dissolve in water when received from suppliers or otherwise donate them to a local warehouse business.
  • 'Offcut' materials such as our zig zag paper we use in our gift boxes which is sourced from a UK paper mill and surplus to their needs. It's effectively the offcuts they don't need and would otherwise end up recycled so we get the before that process.
  • Recycled materials such as our Thank You cards made from recycled paper or coffee cups, and our boxes which are made from recycled cardboard, if not re-used from our suppliers.
  • New when we cannot find a suitable alternative however all news items can be re-used or recycled such as our paper tape or printed tissue paper.
  • Never-ever do we use plastic packaging materials.

Our Gift Boxes

Our gift boxes have been carefully curated to ensure your values aren't compromised when sending gifts. Each gift box is made from recycled cardboard and printed with our exclusive pattern in eco and vegan ink. Inside the box is Kraft tissue paper made from recycled paper, and zig zig paper stuffing, an offcuts from a UK paper mill. The items are secured with a paper based compostable sticker and we will write your message on a recycled paper card. Each box is then posted in a recycled paper mailing bag with the postage label attached to the paper bag so your gift box can then be gifted without wrapping paper.

We are able to send your gift boxes (or any items) direct to your recipient and can include your own hand-written message. Just leave a note in our comments box at checkout. We never include paperwork or prices within your orders.

the kind store plastic free packaging ethical gift box


We ensure all inks used are vegan and eco-friendly for any packaging materials that we have printed such as our printed boxes, gift tags and Thank You cards.

Our Suppliers

​All of the companies we now work with have been selected because they have the same ethos as us. I work with them to ensure their packaging is minimal and plastic free when they send it to us. We have had a couple of hiccups along the way as it is very difficult to source cardboard boxes plastic free and we have found suppliers are not willing to change for a small company when they are used to dealing with multi-national corporations however I'm now proud to partner with our suppliers.

End of Life

When you receive one of our orders, the entire packaging can be composted, if not recycled. We re-use cardboard boxes from suppliers where we can otherwise use new recyclable and compostable cardboard boxes. Packages are wrapped in used newspaper or other paper material and secured with paper based tape (recyclable and compostable) which is also available to buy. We always recommend to try and re-use the box before composting/recycling. If you do not have a compost heap in your garden, recycling is your only option (after re-use).


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