Top Tips for Plastic Free July 2021


Are you wondering ‘How can I go Plastic Free in July?’. Well Plastic Free July can be a little overwhelming, even for us plastic free old timers! So, we have come up with a pre-Plastic Free July guide on how to give up single-use plastic. Don’t worry though we don’t expect you to go cold turkey, these are just some handy tools, practical solutions and easier tasks to start your journey or add to your existing life without plastic. Let’s be part of the solution this year, for Plastic Free July 2021!

Plastic Free July® is a global movement that helps millions of people be part of the solution to plastic pollution – so we can have cleaner streets, oceans, and beautiful communities. Will you be part of Plastic Free July by choosing to refuse single-use plastics?


Take a bottle of water with you wherever you go, so you don’t have to buy a plastic bottle on your travels. A little strapped for cash? You could always re-use a plastic bottle that you already have. Although it won’t keep your water as chilled as our insulated stainless-steel bottles, you are still finding a solution to the single use plastic problem.


Get into the habit of always taking spare bags in your car, or in your backpack (they are so light, you won’t even notice them) and so if you find yourself buying something when you are out, you can say no to plastic bags and feel satisfied that you are an active part in managing plastic waste. 


Download the My Plastic Diary app, so that you can track, record, understand and reduce the plastic you accumulate from shopping. This app is a great way to guide you towards a life without plastic waste or at least a life with much less plastic.


Looking to kick plastic out of your life this Plastic Free July? If you are at the beginning of your plastic free journey, let’s start small. It’s much better to set little goals that are achievable. For my first step on the plastic free journey, I decided to switch my plastic toothbrush for a bamboo one. Or perhaps you have already taken the small steps but have been putting off the bigger one? So, why not use Plastic Free July as the excuse to make that initial larger upfront cost, that in the long run will pay off. This could be, for example, a safety razor or a menstrual cup. But whatever it is you choose to put on your list, let’s use Plastic Free July as an excuse to take action and be the solution.


Another app we thoroughly recommend, is the Olio app. This app allows people to give away food and household items for free, so that there is less plastic waste and food waste happening in the world. Plus, you can also list any items you would like to giveaway too. It’s a great way to limit single-use plastic waste, but also feels pretty great to do a good deed and give something away for free!


Still looking for Plastic Free July ideas? We have a great one for you, why not google your closest refill shop and greengrocers, to see if this shop could be integrated into your weekly food shop routine. Buying from a greengrocers, can mean that less of your fresh foods will come wrapped in plastic. Or if this doesn’t work for you, why not see if there is an online shop that can deliver to you. An example of this might be Milk & more, as they sell oat milk in glass bottles. Or perhaps a greengrocers that delivers. This could be a nice easy start to a new plastic free habit this July!


Another item we never leave home without, is a set of cutlery. Whether you buy a set of bamboo cutlery or you just have a spare set of metal ones or you re-use some plastic ones. We think this is a step, almost anyone can take to start getting ready for Plastic Free July and a fantastic habit to take forward.


Finally, one of our favourites and most exciting Plastic Free July ideas is to book to do a beach clean or put a date in your diary to do one on your own, or with friends! There really is nothing more satisfying than seeing a clean beach, river, woods or really any space and knowing you have saved this plastic from ending up in our precious oceans!


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