Our subscription products and typical subscription frequencies (per person)

eco friendly subscription flatlay of essential toiletries.


We have launched an eco-friendly, zero waste subscription so you will never run out of your sustainable essentials. From deodorants to shampoo, toothpaste to soap and many more. Be more sustainable and subscribe and save today!

Our subscription collection contains some of your favourite beauty, bathroom, cleaning and skincare essentials. Plus, we have even added a few food items that we could not live without, such as one of our bestselling chocolate brands Seed & Bean. By choosing our subscription service you will save time and plastic and therefore live even more sustainably. For more information on subscriptions, check out our Subscription Information Page.

It can be difficult to know how often you will need your essentials and so we have listed our popular eco-friendly subscription products along with their typical subscription frequency, based on one person. We have used the most common timeframe to give you an idea of how long each product lasts however it is dependent on how often or how much of a product you use, and everyone is different of course. We do hope it is still useful as a starting point and for working out how many you would need if there is more than one person in your household.

Check out our blog here where we have put together some example subscription packages based on different household scenarios. 

If you find that most of your subscription products are every 2 or 3 months, we suggest opting for every 2 months in the first instance so you do not run out (the whole point of subscribing) but if you find that is too frequent, you can easily amend in your account. 

Or, you may find that the majority of your subscription items are every month, however there are a few products that last longer. To save on postage and to avoid multiple subscription deliveries, you can easily subscribe to some items on a monthly delivery and extra items every 3 months.

Per person


  • Bamboo toothbrush - 3 months
  • Toothbrush heads - 3 months
  • Toothpaste - 2-3 months
  • Mouthwash - 1 month
  • Deodorant - 2-3 months
  • Razor blades - Approximately 25+ ‘big’ shaves per pack 
  • Shaving soap - Every 3 months if used very frequently or by more than one person
  • Soap bars - Every month and potentially multiple if you use around the home. Could order multiple per subscription.
  • Cotton buds - Dependant on use
  • Interdental brushes - 5 per pack and each brush should last one week+
  • Soap pouch - 3 months with hard wear and tear (i.e. daily exfoliation)
  • Condoms - Very much dependent on use!


Haircare products are very personal and frequency varies greatly per person depending on how often you wash your hair, how long and how thick your hair is.

  • Shampoo bar by Zero Waste Path - 40 washes
  • Shampoo bar by Kind 2 - 60 washes
  • Conditioner bar by Kind2 - 80 washes
  • Beauty Kubes - 27 washes (or double if you have really short hair)
  • Awake shampoo - 35 washes
  • Awake conditioner - 35 washes
  • Wild Sage & Co conditioner - 80 washes +
  • Dry shampoo powder - 3 months
  • Scalp scrub - 2 months (twice per week)

Skincare & Beauty

We only have a small selection of skincare and beauty products available on subscription as many of our products last over 3 months and therefore go beyond the subscription timeframe. You can easily add a one-off item to your subscription package as and when your products run out.

The following are available on subscription, and generally will last 3 months.

  • Mascara
  • Body scrub
  • Liquid soap
  • Body Loofah
  • Antipodes SPF15
  • Bath salts


We have assumed the following frequencies based on each item being your main washing up or cleaning utensil, however we know that you usually have a few different items in use at the same time therefore each one may last longer.

  • Dish brush heads - 3 months
  • Ecoconut brushes - 3 months
  • Ocean Saver cleaning drops - 2 months
  • Scrub pads - 1 month
  • Sponges - 2 months
  • Cleaning cloths - 3 months (for the whole pack)
  • Washing up pads - 1 month
  • Scourers - 2 months
  • Dish washing soap - 3 months +
  • Castile soap - Dependent on how many cleaning jobs you use the soap for and if you make into a liquid castile soap 
  • Bottle brushes - 3 months
  • Bin bags - 25 bags
  • Food waste bags - 10 bags
  • Cleaning ingredients (Bicarbonate of Soda, Oxygen bleach & Citric acid) - Dependent on use


  • Laundry sheets - 64 sheets
  • To note, soapnuts are not included as 500g = 240 washes!


Other items we have included as you may wish to add a treat to your subscription.

  • Chocolate
  • Biscuits
  • Candles
  • Room mist 

Our Products are Effective, Look, Feel & Do Good

The Kind Store team try and test all products that we stock, so you can be certain that what you are buying is high quality, works well and loved by us. We source all products using our ethos via our sustainable principles, so you can trust that what you are buying is kind to animals, people and planet. We stock items from UK independent makers and suppliers to ensure our products are eco-friendly. Discover hundreds of vegan, natural, sustainable and cruelty-free products.

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