Our Top 15 Products For A Plastic Free Hair Care Routine

Do you want to go natural and plastic-free for your hair care routine but don't know where to start? Well we have put together a list of zero waste essentials, top favourites and a variety of options for shampoos and conditioners such as bars, beauty kubes, shampoo in a can, conditioner in glass or aluminium so that they are all in one place. And guess what? All of our products have been tried and tested and require no transition period between your high street products to these lovely natural ones. So all you have to do is decide which ones you like the sound of best!

1. Bamboo Pin Hair Brush £9.50

bamboo pin round hair brush.

This hairbrush is a fantastic alternative to the traditional plastic hair brush. It is made from 100% bamboo including the bristles and made with natural rubber and sustainable bamboo. Bamboo pins will not damage the hair like a standard plastic pinned brush, will help create a sleek and shiny finish and has been noted that does not create static like usual plastic brushes do. Also need a plastic-free beechwood comb, no problem we sell these too.

2. Plastic Free Hair Ties £13

multi-coloured plastic free hair ties.

The first and only plastic-free hair ties in the world! These plastic-free, super-comfortable, long-lasting hair ties excel in thick hair and are built to withstand constant daily use. The certified organic cotton and natural rubber combine to comfortably hold your hair during even the most strenuous workout, never pulling or causing headaches.

3. Beauty Kubes Organic Shampoo £9.50

beauty kubes shampoo cubes in pink cardboard box.

Looking to switch to a zero waste, organic shampoo? This one is for normal to dry hair (different ones available for other hair types), vegan friendly and 100% free from plastic packaging. This natural shampoo we have tried and tested and works first time and leaves no residue on your hair. All you need is one of these organic Beauty Kubes to achieve healthy, shiny looking hair that is incredibly soft. We also sell samples if you would like to try before you buy a whole box.

4. 2in1 Solid Shampoo Bar £7.50

plastic free solid shampoo bar.

This surfactant solid shampoo and conditioner bar is 2in1 and so not only cleans your hair but also leaves in soft like a conditioner. The organic cold-pressed Argan and Jojoba oils will gently condition your hair without weighing them down. This bar comes in four different options depending on your hair type. Again this natural shampoo we have tried and tested and works first time thanks to the balanced PH of ~5.5, so don't need an acid rinse to remove residue in your hair and you won't have a transition phase! 

5. Water Activated Plastic Free Shampoo £13

water activated shampoo with caffeine in an aluminium can.

If you do not like the shampoo bars or do not fancy rubbing a bar of soap on your head then this may be perfect for you. This is a revolutionary, water-activated natural shampoo formulated especially for weak, colour-treated and thinning hair. It stimulates blood-flow to your scalp with natural caffeine from Guarana seed, organic Rosemary and Lemongrass oil; strengthens and softens hair with Coconut milk protein; and enhances volume and shine with Acacia tree gum.

6. Restoring Conditioning Bar £15.95

kind2 conidtioner bar in a half sphere shape next to its blue cardboard packaging.

If you need that little extra moisture or you want to treat your hair to this extra step of conditioning this bar is the one for you! It was in the Final of the Beauty Global Awards 2020 and is a bestseller with our customers. This moisturising conditioner bar uses the power of coconut and cocoa butter combined with argan, macadamia and shea oils to detangle, hydrate and nourish your hair. A little bit goes a long way to restore your crowning glory. Saving the planet doesn't have to mean having bad or dry hair.

7. Plastic Free Hair Conditioner £20

white thick plastic free conditioner in glass jar with metal lid.

This beautifully smelling lavender and Rose Geranium Hair Conditioner with Broccoli Seed Oil by Wild Sage & Co is plastic free as comes in a glass jar! A little goes along way and leaves your hair smelling incredible for a long time after it's been washed. This is real treat for your hair! Use after one of the natural shampoo bars or beauty kubes above.

8. Rejuvenating Shampoo £12

ksoni shampoo in an aluminium tin can.

This shampoo by Ksoni is an awesome and creative alternative to the usual plastic bottle that shampoo comes in. It packaged in an aluminium can, infused with aromatic frankincense and fresh bergamot essential oils for a warming experience with hints of spice and citrus. Jojoba oil is also used to promote hair growth and volume and is fantastic at soothing and restoring you hair. You can purchase this with a reusable and biodegradable cap for £4 and this will allow you to close your can when it is not in use and reduce the amount of product you use each time.

9. Rejuvenating & Balancing Conditioner £16

natural conditioner in an aluminium tub by ksoni.

This super creamy conditioner is packaged in a plastic free aluminium tub. A rich and luxurious cream conditioner by Ksoni, favoured by those with thick, curly and dry hair. As with their shampoo, the conditioner is infused with aromatic frankincense and fresh bergamot essential oils for a warming experience with hints of spice and citrus. Jojoba oil is used to promote hair growth and your hair will be left feeling soft, conditioned and smelling gorgeous! It can even be used as an overnight or leave-in treatment on the ends of your hair.

10. Organic Dry Shampoo Powder £11.95

organic dry shampoo powder in cardboard tube.

Need something natural to reinvigorate hair between washes but don't want to use the aerosol dry shampoos that are on the market? No worries we have you covered with this 100% natural and organic Dry Shampoo Powder by Corinne Taylor. Made from a combination of organic plant powders, Bentonite Clay and organic essential oils, to refresh hair between washes and absorb excess oil and grease. It also gives your hair extra volume as well as leaving it beautifully soft and healthy.

11. Miracle Milk £25

hair miracle milk in glass jar with black pump lid.

This product is great for hydrating, de-frizzing, de-tangling, and softening, plus it adds body and provides protection against UVA, UVB and heat protection. This is ideal for all hair types, thanks to its naturally, light consistency. Marula oil aids damage caused by the effects of UV exposure, boosting cellular activity to enhance scalp and follicle health. The addition of Icelandic moss is gently anti-inflammatory, soothing for both hair and scalp.

12. Sea Salt Spray £22

natural and plastic free sea salt spray by moo hair.

Been searching for a sea salt spray that is better for the environment and better for you? Well we have it here! This sea salt spray creates that textured, tousled, after a dip in the sea style hair. It adds volume and natural texture by combining sea salt with Icelandic moss. The gentle way to give you a shiny, wavy, beachy look. The Marula oil in this helps keep the scalp healthy and lock in natural moisture, resulting in a cool beach style vibe that is both kind to you and the elements.

13. Aerosol Free Hair Spray £22

natural hair spray in glass spray bottle.

We love this alternative to the traditional hair spray and it is just as good! Providing strong, body and flexible hold, allowing for natural movement without stickiness. Prevents frizz, static and fly away hair. The marula oil and Icelandic moss found in this product combine to nourish, protect and enhance your hairs natural shine and balance.

14. Tropical Hair Treatment £15

tropical hair treatment in a bright green glass jar with a metal lid.

Looking for an extremely lovely treat for your hair or possibly a beautiful gift for a friend this is the one for you! The Tropical Hair Treatment by Lani is an ultra rich and intensively conditioning hair treatment for over-worked locks that need strength, moisture and shine. It will replenish each strand enveloping them in a protective veil that will help ward against styling damages. It leaves your hair incredibly shiny, smooth and full of bounce from the first use. It’s so good, you’ll wish you tried it sooner!

15. Botanical Hair Oil £10

hair oil in amber glass with pipette.

This oil is designed primarily as a conditioning treatment, helping to minimise frizz and promote shine, leaving the hair softer, healthier and more manageable. Louise at Salix Moon has used light, nourishing oils that do not weigh hair down, perfect for defining waves, curls and coils. This botanical oil blend is incredibly nourishing and moisturising for both the hair and skin, it also works well as a scalp treatment to help soothe and moisturise dry flaky scalps too.


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