Our Top 10 Ethical Gift Guide

Do you struggle to find the time to source eco-friendly gifts? Well, we have solved this problem for you! We know how much fun it can be giving a present to the people we love but we also know gifting ethically and sustainably is not always easy, nor a quick job. This is why we have decided to make it simpler for you and pop our favourite ethical gifts all in one place for you, so you can enjoy the experience much more without the eco-anxiety! We have hand-picked and sourced gifts that you can trust are vegan, natural and sustainable and that are kind to people, planet and animals. We hope you enjoy browsing!

Our top 10 ethical gifts

1. Growbars, £12

bee bar by growbar in yellow cardboard recyclable packaging.

Growbars are the perfect gift for your garden lover friend or family member! They are easy to grow, exciting seed collections, nestled in fertile coir bars, carefully created and packaged by their small team in South London. They are 100% eco-friendly with their card packaging widely recycled, the film wrap made from biodegradable sugar cane and the coir a sustainable alternative to peat that’s made with coconut fibres. We stock 5 different varieties: Bee Bar, Butterfly Bar, Red Hot Bar, Gin Bar and Pizza Herbs Bar. If you are looking for other gifts that are kind to the garden, we also sell Seedboms and Seedballs.

 2. Stationery, from £3.98

vent for change recycled materials notebooks.

Vent For Change's stationery is made from 100% recycled and sustainable materials  A great addition to any studio their stationery is ethically produced with plain FSC certified paper ideal for sketching and note taking. Notebook covers made from recycled paper and 30% citrus pulp. Plus, every VENT notebook sold helps support children’s education globally. 

3. Nathalie Bond Skincare, from £4.50


We love the colourful but sophisticated branding of the Nathalie Bond products, this makes them perfect to gift but also, as a treat for yourself that will always look beautiful on your shelves. We stock Nathalie Bond candles, lip balms, bath salts and soaps. These wonderful products are the great way to help fill your loved ones homes with lovely botanical fragrances! They make their own products using only safe and sustainably sourced organic and natural ingredients that are great for our skin and the planet.

4. Bath Bombs, £5


Bath bombs are a great way to gift something to someone who needs some me-time and time to relax. Salty Herb's aim is to encourage people in a fast paced world to slow down and take some time to relax and so they of course stock the ideal products for gifting something that shows you care. They carefully and lovingly hand craft each product and chose essential oils which are relaxing, de stressing, uplifting, calming and energising. By using only natural, cold pressed, plant based carrier oils and essential oils they allow our bodies to be nourished by nature's finest in the most ethical of ways.

5. Ethical Gift Boxes, from £30

the kind box

The Kind Box is the brand new ethical gift box from The Kind Store. Due to the popularity of gift giving in the recent months, we have produced The Kind Box to beautifully present your gifts to loved ones to showcase our amazing vegan, natural and sustainable products. Gifting is one of the best ways to encourage your friends and family to shop sustainably and with The Kind Box, you can either purchase one of our pre-filled boxes or create your own and get them shipped direct to your recipient with a hand written note. Each box is printed with non-toxic inks on FSC card.

6. Candles, from £15

briony boots soy wax candle aphrodite

We are delighted to be able to stock Briony Boots candles all hand poured in the UK (in our home town in Essex) using coconut wax. We currently only stock the natural coloured candle meaning no dyes or colourants have been used (the colours used are synthetic hence why we do not stock colour variants of these candles). All of her ingredients are both vegan and cruelty free and they come packaged in cardboard boxes. Available in 4 different styles: Aphrodite, Heavenly Body, Shell & Bubble, which are beautifully presented and perfect as a present for someone.

7. Tea & Coffee, from £3

littles vegan french vanilla coffee.


Little's Coffee was inspired by speciality coffee roasters who were adding natural extracts to their coffee beans. These coffees are perfect presents with their funky designs and different flavours. They have evolved to suit peoples busy lifestyles by being super easy to make (and super tasty) so you have more time to enjoy the good things in life. No added sugar, 4 cals a cup, 100% Arabica Coffee, lactose and gluten free.

8. Chocolate, from £1.49

tony's chocolonely almond and sea salt chocolate bar.

We love stocking Tony's Chocolonely chocolate bars because they taste amazing and they have high ethics and principles underlying this company so you know that when you are buying and eating this chocolate every single person in the process has been paid fairly and has been looked after. What is there not to love? Made with belgian fairtrade dark chocolate, the perfect yummy treat for your loved ones.

9. Turtle Bags, from £5

natural turtle bag string bag laid on the floor.

These classic organic cotton string bags by Turtle Bags are undeniably the perfect useful gift for that someone who is difficult to buy for or someone you know who is on their journey to a more plastic-free and eco-friendly life. It is naturally super strong and has been checked out by Which? stating that it will take up to 40kg. It is a must-have for plastic free grocery shopping, or anything else. Available in green, black, natural, blush, sunflower and duck-egg and can be purchased with a long handle or a short handle design too! Turtle Bags work with our fair trade partners who share our environmental values to supply environmentally friendly bags.

10. Cards, Wrapping Paper & Tape

blue recyclable wrapping paper with baubles and wrapped in twine with a tag.

We mustn't forget the final element of our ethical gift guide which is the card, wrapping paper and twine. We love stocking Summer Lane Studios cards and gift wrap as they offer beautiful eco-friendly and ethical designs. They support World Land Trust’s ‘Plant a Tree’ project in tropical forest in Borneo. Their packaging is eco-friendly & their cards are sent ‘naked’ with no outer plastic. What is also great is that their studio is powered by on 100% renewable electricity. In addition to the more traditional card types, Summer Lane Studio also offer the amazing seeded card that you can re-grow into a mini British wildflower meadow.

We also stock Eco Living Natural Twine and Bachi Cord's Colourful Recycled Twine that has been saved from landfill, to tie up and make your presents look even more special!

The Kind Store team try and test all products that we stock, so you can be certain that what you are buying is high quality, works well and loved by us. We source all products using our ethos via our sustainable principles, so you can trust that what you are buying is kind to animals, people and planet. We stock items from UK independent makers and suppliers to ensure our products are eco-friendly. Discover hundreds of vegan, natural, sustainable and cruelty-free products.

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