Amazinc All Products Vegan Mineral SPF30+ Suncream 150ml
Amazinc All Products Vegan Mineral SPF30+ Suncream 150ml

Vegan Mineral SPF30+ Suncream 150ml

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We are so pleased to offer another vegan & natural suncream packaged without plastic. Made with only ten natural ingredients by AMAZINC, the suncream is a creamy/emulsion texture making it easy to apply all over your body. The nourishing composition of organic oils (jojoba, almond and olive) and mineral pigments guarantees reliable protection and the oil blend with squalene (vegan) and vitamin E slows down cellular ageing of skin and helps regeneration.

Amazinc! have successfully implemented new technology in a field of mineral UV protection "Viewless ZinCare".

Did you know, sun cream can be legally marketed as anti-ageing cream! Zinc oxide (non-nano) and magnesium oxide, protect your skin from the sun rays with a natural mineral shield offering SPF30 earth friendly protection.The mineral oil is white but once applied absorbs into your skin without leaving any colour.

Read our blog A Guide to Natural & Reef Safe Sunscreen.

  • Vegan and cruelty free.
  • Packaged in recyclable aluminium tube.
  • Close to no weight and no spill in your luggage while travelling.
  • Reef safe ingredients and completely natural.
  • Also suitable for children (0+).
  • Contains probiotically active substances.
  • Suitable for dry/combination skin type.
  • SPF30 Waterproof (but do reapply after getting wet or sweating)
  • Amazinc! are committed to sustainability in their ingredients, packaging and supply chain.
  • Full spectrum UVA & UVB protection.
  • 150ml. 

How to use
Apply at least 15 minutes before exposure to the sun, and then reapply regularly at least every 2 - 3 hours or after exposure to water or after sweating.

What is mineral suncream?

Unlike their chemical counterparts that absorb the sun's harmful rays, mineral (or physical) sunscreens protect you from the sun by sitting on top of your skin and physically blocking it. Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are just two specific types of minerals, which are both approved as effective sunscreen actives by the FDA and used all over the world. Depending on the formulas and the size of the particles in them, these sunscreens tend to leave a slight white cast behind on skin. In fact, experts often recommend zinc oxide as an active ingredient for those with specific health concerns or skin issues.See more information from Amazinc here about mineral protection, safe for you and the seas.

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Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Olive Oil, Olive Squalene, Mineral Shield LIGHT (Zinc oxide – NON NANO, Magnesium oxide), Triticum Vulgare Germ Oil, Hydrogenated Almond Oil, Rosmarinus Officialis Leaf Oil, Tocopherol