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Vegan condoms from fairly traded natural rubber. The natural latex used for FAIR SQUARED quality condoms comes from Fairtrade. Their condoms are vegan because of their non-usage of casein. Casein is a protein in cow’s milk and is worldwide very commonly used by the manufacturing of condoms.

FAIR SQUARED condoms are manufactured in Germany with much knowledge and experience and offer a natural and effective protection against unwanted pregnancies and STDs. For more information about natural rubber and about the FAIR SQUARED condoms, please visit: www.fairrubber.org or www.faircondoms.com.

  • Transparent
  • Lubricated
  • Cylindrically shaped condom with reservoir
  • Original: nominal width 54 mm, length: 200 mm, thickness: 0.065 mm-
  • Senstive: nominal width 52mm, length 180 mm, thickness : 0.06 mm-
  • Ultra Thin: nominal width 52 mm, length 180 mm, thickness: 0.055 mm–
  • Max Perform: nominal width 52mm, length: 160mm, thickness: 0.07mm
  • Certified by the Vegan Society
  • FSC mix certified carton