the big green activity book front page.
the big green activity book inside page.
the big green activity book inside page.
the big green activity book inside page.

The Big Green Activity Book

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Over 70 puzzles and quizzes to test curious kids and teach them about our changing planet. Each puzzle covers an eco-topic such as saving water, recycling or deforestation, which the reader can complete as they learn facts along the way about our Earth, the creatures that live here, the effect that humans are having and what action needs to be taken. Help the bee into its hive, shop at the farmer's market and fix the leaky pipes to save water.

  • Illustrated: full colour
  • Pages: 128
  • Dimensions: 297x210mm (A4)
  • Ages 5-10
  • Author: Buster Books
  • Publisher: Michael O'Mara Books Ltd

Why we love this book?

We love this activity book as it's educational in a fun way about a really important topic close to our hearts. The illustrations are beautiful and engaging and there is a green word guide to helps kids understand.The book has also been made using eco-friendly paper (FSC paper).


We always look to see if books are friendly and compatible to a vegan lifestyle. This book demonstrates the cons of factory farming and over fishing and encourages to eat less meat although there is one game that I would not consider vegan friendly which is a 'bugs for breakfast' puzzle.