Growbar All Products The Bee Growbar
Growbar All Products The Bee Growbar

The Bee Growbar

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Growbars are the perfect gift for your garden lover friend or family member! They are easy to grow and contain exciting seed collections, nestled in fertile coir bars, carefully created and packaged by their small team in South London.

Growbar is 100% eco-friendly. Their card packaging can be widely recycled, the film wrap is made from biodegradable sugar cane and coir is a sustainable alternative to peat that’s made with coconut fibres.

The Bee Bar (start growing February - June): This bar contains Hyssop, which is a deep tubular flower and is a well known Bee Keeper’s favourite; Catananche, which displays an abundance of nectar-rich blue flowers that bees adore; and Sweet Rocket, that produces clusters of pollen rich, fragrant white and purple flowers.

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How to use

Unwrap seeded bar and place it into a container with plenty of space to allow it to expand. Gently pour half a litre of water and position the Growbar indoors on a warm, bright windowsill. Water regularly as the seedlings sprout and grow, they should be happy for another month. Then when the seedlings have grown four leaves, they are ready to be potted in or planted out.