The Kind Store All Products Rectangular Loofah Pad x3
The Kind Store All Products Rectangular Loofah Pad x3

Rectangular Loofah Pad x3

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These Loofah Pads are multi purpose, effective and totally compostable so a perfect alternative to plastic and microfibre scourers, brushes, exfoliators and sponges. They prevent micro plastics entering the drainage system! Please note, there is no cord attached, please see second picture whilst we update new photos for the set of three.

  • Loofah is a completely natural material and comes from the cucumber family. 
  • Rectangular design is more convenient to operate around corners so it can help you clean easier for example the bottom of cups and corners of containers and lunchboxes.
  • Once immersed in water the loofah will expand, become slightly softer and will be easy to foam. This is an effective sponge for dishes and your body. 
  • Fits comfortably in your hand and when wet, this loofah is supple enough to bend round rims, reach into corners and have plenty of scrubbing power.
  • Dimensions: 7x11.5cm
  • This set includes a pack of three. 
  • Perfect to use with our dish washing block.
  • These loofahs last between 3 and 12 months and when worn out, these loofahs can be composted, saving landfill. 
  • Supports traditional skills, crops and cottage industries while ensuring fair wages.
  • Vegan.

Soak or hold under running water to wet your loofah, it will puff up when ready. After use, rinse and hang from string loop to air dry. Your loofah can occasionally be refreshed in the washing machine if need be.