Vivo Life All Products Plant Based Omega 3 Food Supplement
Vivo Life All Products Plant Based Omega 3 Food Supplement

Plant Based Omega 3 Food Supplement

Vivo Life
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Vegan Omega 3

Omega 3 is an essential fatty acid that supports the health of our brain, heart, joints and skin. It is considered an ‘essential’ fatty acid as it cannot be produced by our bodies, so must therefore be consumed through our diet.

Did you know that omega 3 originally comes from algae, not fish? Just like us, fish only get their omega 3 by the foods that they eat. So, why kill fish when you can get omega 3 from plants!

The sun’s energy is converted into omega 3 by schizochytrium algae in the sea. The algae is eaten by small crustaceans such as krill. The krill are then eaten by fish, then the fish are caught and killed to make omega 3 supplements.

Vivo Life Omega 3

The sun's energy is converted into omega 3 by schizochytrium algae grown in controlled, unpolluted environment. Algae is harvested and the omega 3 rich oil is gently extracted to make Vivo omega 3. 

As algae is much lower down the food chain than fish it provides a more efficient and sustainable source of omega 3, and doesn't cause any harm to marine life.

Algae omega 3 is also much cleaner as it is grown in unpolluted environments and doesn't contain the heavy metals and contaminants found in fish.

Do I need Omega 3 if I eat Flaxseed?

Seeds such as flax, hemp and chia seed contain a form of omega 3 called alpha-linolenic acid, or ALA for short. But in order for it to be used by our bodies ALA must first be converted into longer chain omega 3 fatty acids known as EPA and DHA.

Unfortunately the conversion rates of ALA to EPA and DHA are not good, with an average 8% conversion to EPA and 0.5% to DHA. This means you would need to eat almost half a kilo of flaxseed daily just to get half a gram of DHA!

  • 300mcg EPA and 600mg DHA per serving.
  • No added sugar, vegan, gluten free and soy free.
  • Made in the UK.
  • 60ml (30 servings).
  • Packaged in a glass bottle with rubber pipette.

Why choose plant based omega 3?

For the oceans: Every day entire ecosystems of fish and marine life are wiped out by modern fishing methods. It is estimated that if this continues at the current rate we will see a complete collapse in the world’s fish populations by 2048. Vivo Life omega 3 is taken from algae sustainably grown in controlled environments, meaning that no fish are killed and no oceanic ecosystems are destroyed as a result.

For your health: Consuming omega 3 from algae is the purest form of omega 3 available. That’s because due to ocean pollution most fish contain harmful levels of heavy metals and other contaminants. Vivo Life's omega 3 is grown in controlled environments free from pollution, and is third party tested for heavy metals, PCBs, dioxins and other harmful contaminants.

For the living: Did you know that approximately 25% of the global fish catch is used to produce omega 3? This puts tremendous pressure on oceanic ecosystems and kills billions of fish each year. Vivo Life's algae derived omega 3 doesn’t deplete our oceans or cause any harm to fish or other marine life. Oh, and there’s no fishy aftertaste!

How to use

Using the dropper consume 2ml daily, or as directed by your health professional. 2ml contains 300mg of EPA and 600mg of DHA.

Nutritional Information (per serving 2ml):
Total Omega 3 Fatty Acids: 1100mg
EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid): 300mg
DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid): 600mg


Microalgal oils (from schizochytrium sp.), Cold Pressed Sunflower Oil, Antioxidants (Rosemary Extract, Tocopherols, Ascorbyl), Natural Citrus Extracts (Citral Natural, Lemon Oil, Lime Oil).