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Organic Cotton Swaddling Blanket/Muslin

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Organic Cotton Swaddling Blanket/Muslin, unbleached and made from 30% organic cotton and 70% bamboo. A natural cream colour for those who want a natural product unbleached with no dyes.

  • 70x70cm
  • Manufactured in Oeko-Tex and ISO certified factory
  • The more you wash the softer they get
  • Soft, breatheable and durable.
  • Use for nappies, swaddling, burping, lightweight baby blanket, shielding when breastfeeding, crib sheet, changing mat cover, shade, play mat, bath towel etc.
  • Useful later on as a lightweight cover in a pram, something to throw over the shoulder or a security blanket!
  • Perfect as a baby shower gift, part of a baby hamper or to put in your hospital bag.