Ecodis All Products Natural Stain Remover 400g
Ecodis All Products Natural Stain Remover 400g

Natural Stain Remover 400g

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A natural stain remover (Terre de Sommieres) consists of powdered clay which is an ultra-fine smectic clay which can absorb up to 80% of its own weight in water. This clay is an incredible dry stain remover that does not leave any trace and which removes greasy stains (oil, butter, fuel, make-up, etc.) even from delicate textiles and furnishing fabrics. It is also particularly effective for carpets, marble, granite, wood furniture, floors (tiles, stone, woods, concrete). It absorbs and removes many other kinds of stains too: pet urine from pillows, wine from a tablecloth, etc.

It is often ochre-coloured but there are different shades: from white to purple, from light brown to green.

  • Double-thickness kraft bag with plant based lining (Compostable in your food caddy).
  • Made and packaged in Western Europe. 
  • 400g.
  • Low carbon footprint.

Sodium carbonate peroxyhydrate > 90% made with soda crystals added to hydrogen peroxide. These components are resulting from natural raw materials (salt, water, chalk).