beechwood pot for life mineral blusher.

Mineral Blusher

All Earth Mineral Cosmetics
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We do not stock the entire range of All Earth Mineral Cosmetics. This is a pre-order item. Samples are available for immediate dispatch.

You can order either:
  • Beechwood pot for life with recycled fishing net inner pot.
  • Single use Eco paper pot.
  • Refill tube only and use your own jar at home (or top up a pot for life).

The beechwood pot for life outer pot is made from solid beech wood and sourced from sustainable UK forests. The interior pot is made from recycled fishing nets that have been salvaged from the sea and fishing ports. All Earth wanted to reduce their carbon footprint even more by recently switching their bamboo pot for life to a beech wood pot for life.

Both colours are highly pigmented so a little goes a long way (peach pictured). You can use as a Blusher on cheeks, as beautiful eyeshadow colours, mixed with a lip balm/gloss to add a touch of colour to your lips or you can add a sprinkle to your foundation for extra subtle pink or peach undertone to your face if need be.

Ingredient Highlights

  • Sericite mica – sericite is a natural fine-grained mineral belonging to the mica group. Sericite improves smoothness and adhesion to the skin so that make up can be worn longer without flaking and creasing. It gives consistency to colours with its relative transparency, making it applicable to all shades and adds a soft translucent sheen to the final product.
  • Zinc Oxide – has wonderful healing properties and is anti-septic, anti-microbial, and fungicidal, so it can act as a treatment for sensitive or inflamed and blemish prone skin. Zinc Oxide offers protection from the sun by sitting on top of the skin scattering and absorbing the harmful rays, both UVA & UVB and is beneficial in reducing pre-mature aging of the skin & skin cancer due to its broad-spectrum sunscreen.
  • Pink Iron Oxides, Mica 77891 -These are natural inorganic pigments that colour our mineral cosmetics beautifully.
  • Peach Iron Oxides 77891, 77007, 778161 – These are natural inorganic pigments that colour our mineral cosmetics beautifully.


  • Pink: Sericite Mica, Zinc Oxide, Iron Oxides, Mica 77891
  • Peach: Sericite Mica, Iron Oxides 77891, 77007, 778161