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Mango Sunrise Tea 40g

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A marvellous blend of different herbs for a caffeine-free alternative with a tropical twist. Starting with lemongrass and raspberry leaf, PekoeTea have built up fruity and citrus notes that prove you don’t need caffeine to bring a boost to your morning.

This tea was specially formulated by Esther (founder) for use in late pregnancy where it is recommended to drink raspberry leaf tea from around 32 weeks.

  • 40g loose leaf tea.
  • Packaged in a recyclable tin.
  • The finest single-estate teas.
  • Hand-crafted blends in their Edinburgh tea factory, in the historic port of Leith.


Established in 2008, PekoeTea is family owned, this luxury tea business is run by Jon Cooper and Esther Kungu-Cooper. They are proud of the personal relationships they have made with tea growers and producers around the world. Their passion for tea has led them to visit tea-growing areas around the world including China, India, Sri Lanka and Kenya and in the process they have discovered a world of flavours and aromas from hand-made and single estate teas that are only now starting to become better known in the UK.