Jollie's All Products Joker Organic Cotton Socks
Jollie's All Products Joker Organic Cotton Socks
Jollie's All Products Joker Organic Cotton Socks

Joker Organic Cotton Socks

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Turns out, socks are the most needed but under-donated item of clothing that Shelters receive. So Jollie's Socks started a more-than-profit sock company. Their motto is wear a pair, share a pair, so for every pair of socks that is bought, a pair is donated to a local homeless shelter. Why would you not want to be a part of this? 

Jollie's socks are super fun and quirky bought as a gift to yourself or a friend or family member! With each purchase, you'll also receive a pre-paid returns paper envelope to send back any unwanted socks for either donation to a homeless shelter or for valuable textile recycling.

  • Organic Cotton (GOTS Certified).
  • Sole Cushioning.
  • Made in Portugal.
  • 92% Organic Cotton, 8% Polyamide.
  • Unisex.
  • Packaged in a tin can.
  • Choose from three sizes: S 3-5, M 6-8, L 9-11 (UK sizing).

Did you know? 

2.6km of driving emissions have been avoided; 134.3 days of drinking water has been saved; and 0.9 m² of land has been saved from harmful pesticides because people have bought Jollie's socks. (stats taken 25/11/20)


Ed started Jollie's after becoming uneasy about walking past people sleeping rough and not knowing what to do. After chatting to a local homeless shelter he came up with an idea that could help. So Ed got out his crayons, designed some socks, found a friendly factory and spent his student loan on the first lot of stock. For every pair he sold, he donated a pair. That was 2012, he now has built a family of weavers and sharers donating thousands of pairs of socks to over 50 shelters nation-wide.