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Amber Glass Dropper Bottle & Lotion Pump

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DIY Lotions, Oils, Serums & Creams!

The bottles are delivered empty for you to make your own beauty products.

Made from premium quality pure amber glass, these bottles are suited for your own beauty, health and aromatherapy products. They amber hue protects light-sensitive products, essential oils, organic beauty blends and herbal liquids, offering you peace of mind that your products will remain fresh and effective for longer.

It comes complete with a high-quality mixed plastic lotion pump and is an ideal bottle and cap combination for thicker liquids such as creams and lotions, serums and oils.

The lotion pump is currently only available in 50ml.

If you are looking for a completely plastic-free option, our amber glass bottles & aluminium lids here. 

    These beautiful multi-purpose amber glass bottles are both refillable and recyclable, allowing you to reduce your plastic consumption and helping towards reducing general environmental damage by opting for DIY Beauty.

    Why DIY Beauty?

    Not only can your tailor your homemade products to your own skins needs and target specific concerns, making your own products helps reduce packaging. You generally purchase the ingredients in bulk and you'll soon learn that your skincare regime can be stripped back to basics and you can use just a few carrier oils and essentials oils for your face, body and hair...and even the same around the house too!

    Check out the following guides to inspire you to make your own skincare products.

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