Book All Products Everyday Self-Care
Book All Products Everyday Self-Care
Book All Products Everyday Self-Care
Book All Products Everyday Self-Care
Book All Products Everyday Self-Care

Everyday Self-Care

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Discover why time spent caring for yourself is always time well spent, and the countless ways you can improve your health, happiness and wellbeing. This lovely illustrated little book of self-care isn't about overnight transformation or a huge lifestyle makeover - it's about implementing small changes that will gradually improve your physical and emotional wellbeing. Do you need to sleep better and eat healthier foods? Are you in need of an energy boost or perhaps you struggle to wind down and relax? Are you a worrier? Do you get caught in a negative spiral of thinking? Does the clutter in your home get you down? Whatever you need to work on, you'll find advice and inspiration inside this handy guide. 

Have you checked out our Gifts For Her collection for some of our favourite self-care items such as aromatherapy masks, candles, bath salts and many more. This beautiful book is also a perfect gift for someone else you think might need a little reminder to look after themselves too!

  • Pages: 144
  • Dimensions: 152x115mm
  • Hardback
  • Author: Cico Books
  • Publisher: Ryland, Peters & Small Ltd

Why we love this book?

I love this self-care book because it is a beautiful and gentle reminder of what you can do to look after yourself. The illustrations are colourful and fun and make you feel great by just looking at them! We also think this is the perfect little book to be gifted too because it feels like such a treat to turn the pages and you feel looked after! A great hug in a book for someone you may not be able to see or hug right now.


We always look to see if books are friendly and compatible to a vegan lifestyle. This book is mostly vegan friendly, however does refer to honey & eggs in a couple of recipes but if googled these ingredients could be changed for a vegan alternative such as a vegan syrup or flaxseed meal.