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Epsom Salt

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A multipurpose organic natural salt that can be used in baths, to clean, to relieve pain and to exfoliate.

  • EcoCert Cosmos Natural Certified
  • Sourced in Northern Europe
  • Available in 2.5kg bag and 1kg tub.
  • 2.5kg packaging: Double-thickness kraft bag with a plant-based watertight film. (Compostable in your food caddy).
  • 1kg tub packaging: refillable paper tub with a plastic lid.

For more information on Epsom Salts, please check out our blog post Epsom Salt Benefits and Uses.

The 1kg supply comes in a refillable paper tub with a plastic lid making it perfect for storing the salt in your bathroom. When you run out you can just buy the 2.5kg supply in a kraft bag, which is completely plastic free to refill the tub. It’s easier to transport and store your salt in the handy sealed tub. If you ever do need to dispose of the tubing the entire thing can be easily recycled.

Epsom salt is a special purified salt that is harvested from natural minerals in the earth. This purified mineral is ideal for muscle relaxation, sports recovery and renowned for detoxifying. When mixed with warm water it is able to soothe muscles, relieve pain, symptoms of athlete's foot and muscle cramps and can make it easier to remove splinters.

It's also believed to help relieve dry skin. This is due to the fact that the magnesium is absorbed by our skin as we bathe.

Made of pure magnesium sulfate, Epsom salts get their name from the town of Epsom in Surrey, where it was originally discovered. Now produced in Northern Europe.

DIY Ideas

  • Relaxing foot soak: Add 2 handfuls to a bowl of lukewarm water. Let your feet soak for 10 minutes and then rinse.
  • It makes a brilliant natural exfoliator when you mix it with olive or other carrier oils.
  • Since it is derived from natural minerals it nourishes houseplants providing a less processed way of giving them nutrients.
  • As well as being used on your body, it can be used around the house as a natural scrubber and to dissolve detergent that builds up in the washing machine.