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Concentrated Soda Crystals 500g

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Concentrated soda crystals are almost three times as active as traditional water-containing soda crystals. The powder is soluble in water and it cleans, removes odours, saponifies grease and neutralises acids. Its alkaline pH allows the neutralisation of acidity and removes any greasy stains. It can also be used to clean enamel surfaces (bathtub, toilet, washbasins, etc.), marble or to clear blocked pipes (build-ups made of organic material).

  • Double-thickness kraft bag with plant based lining (Compostable in your food caddy).
  • Made and packaged in Western Europe. 
  • 500g.
  • Made out of common raw materials (chalk, salt).
  • Low carbon footprint.

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DIY Cleaning Ideas

Soda crystals can be dissolved in warm water and put into a cleaning spray. As a guide, they recommend the following:

Mild: One tablespoon (20g) to one pint (500ml) of water
Regular: Half a cup (100g) to one pint (500ml) of water
Strong: One cup (200g) to one pint (500ml) of water

  • Blocked Pipes: Shift a build-up of trapped grease and debris from your sink, bathroom basin, bath, or shower waste pipes by pouring a mug of crystals down the plughole. Flush through with hot water.
  • Greasy Pans: Soak greasy pans or those encrusted with burnt-on food in a solution of soda crystals and hot water - the longer you can leave them to soak the better. And if your roasting tray is full of fat after, sprinkle on dry crystals while the tray is still hot. Leave to stand for a few minutes so the crystals soak up the fat, then scrape the mixture into the bin.
  • Tarnished Silver: Bring your silver pieces back to their gleaming best. Line a bowl with foil and pour in hot water. Add 200g soda crystals to 1 pint (500ml) of hot water and wait for them to dissolve. Immerse your silver pieces (but not precious stones) in the solution. You'll see a fizzing reaction as the tarnish dissolves. Rinse each piece and dry.
  • Soiled Baby Clothes: Babies and young children have delicate skin that may be irritated by the enzymes and fragrances in many laundry detergents. You can remove dirt and stains in a way that's gentle on sensitive skin by soaking clothes in a solution of 100g soda crystals to 1 pint (500ml) hot water. Leave to stand for at least an hour, but preferably overnight, then machine or hand wash.
  • Mossy Paths & Patios: Make easy work of removing unsightly moss and algae from paving by sprinkling soda crystals on the affected areas, then moistening with water using a watering can or hose. Leave the solution to soak in for 24 hours, by which time the moss will turn brown and be easy to remove.