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Chamomile Flower Hydrolat Toner for Dry/Sensitive Skin

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This Chamomile Flower Hydrolat made by Conscious Skincare is a refreshing, calming and gentle facial toner. It is a skin toner made with organic chamomile floral water and is especially beneficial for dry, sensitive skin.

  • This is an excellent toner for dry skin that also helps calm sensitive and irritated skin.
  • It is distilled from pure Chamomile flowers and produced as a result of the Chamomile oil production process. 100% natural scent with no added parfum / fragrance.
  • Organic.
  • Tones, refreshes and cleanses your skin leaving it feeling fresh and glowing!
  • This an alcohol free toner which is great for night-time use as part of your organic skincare regime.
  • Chamomile also has fantastic soothing and calming properties, helping to reduce redness with irritated and sensitive skin.
  • It is a handy size to keep in your handbag for a quick spritz, whilst at the gym, or on holiday.
  • Comes packaged in an aluminium bottle. 
  • Size: 100ml.
  • Dimensions: 11cm x 4cm.

Removes final traces of make-up, skin toner, cooling mist (in the summer or on holiday), it is so mild it can be used on babies skin or on their pillow at night.

How To Use

Use mornings and at night, as required. Apply hydrolat to reusable cotton pad. Sweep over face to remove final traces of make up.


Anthemis noblis floral water *. * certified organic.

What is a Hydrolat/Hydrosol?

Hydrolats, also know as Hydrosols are botanical extracts that are harvested using the traditional method of steam distillation, the same method used to make most essential oils. Hydrosol's are also known as Floral Waters, Distillates, Hydrolats or Aromatic Waters. The aromatic waters we have used are produced by distilling Orange Blossom and Witch Hazel leaves and bark.

They are created in a still that contains fresh water and plant material which is slowly heated. As the steam rises, it passes through the botanical material carrying particles of essential oil and phytonutrients through the still. As this nourishing vapour cools, through this alchemical process it condenses in the form of an aromatic water (now a Hydrosol) along with its essential oil counterpart. Most of the essential oil will rise to the top, leaving the Hydrosol with micro-particles of essential oil locked within the water.

Hydrosol's contain a small amount of the essential oil from the plant and the water soluble constituents in the plant material which have various medicinal and cosmetic properties. Aromatic waters are much less concentrated than essential oils and are safe to use undiluted. Their aromas are often soft and subtle when compared to their essential oil counterpart, they usually have a scent similar to their essential oil, but also can have a milder and greener note.

Hydrosol's are an ancient holistic tool and ritual. Alchemists have performed botanical healing distillations, in one form or another, for thousands of years. There is evidence of their use in ancient texts, with delicate rose water being the most prominent. In ancient Egypt, their properties and beneficial effects on the skin were well known and Cleopatra was known to be very fond of them.

Conscious Skincare products are cruelty free, free from all synthetic preservatives, paragons, phthalates and sodium laureate sulphate. They are approved by the Vegetarian Society, PETA and carriy the Leaping Bunny Cruelty Free logo. Plus, they were recently awarded one of the highest scores for their toner range, out of 70 brands, by Ethical Consumer.