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Plastic Free Pearly Whites

We've bundled together our Brush, Wash & Floss dental set which has everything you need for to look after your teeth. This set is a perfect taster of our customers favourite and best-selling dental products, including the cult Ben & Anna toothpaste to get you started in your plastic-free dental routine. Make the switch today and see your bathroom waste reduce with our everyday zero waste essentials.

Why Plastic Free Bathroom? In the bathroom, you are typically surrounding by plastic bottles, tubes and wipes, all destined for landfill which take 100's of years to decompose (into micro plastics we might add). Scary stuff, which can make it's way into rivers and the ocean.

By purchasing this bundle, you save 10%.


The Brush, Wash & Floss Bundle includes natural fibres, materials and plant based ingredients.

Our bundle comes packaged in kraft paper bag with cardboard tag and wooden clip.