Redecker All Products Beechwood Pot Brush
Redecker All Products Beechwood Pot Brush

Beechwood Pot Brush

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Scrub like a boss! This completely natural and compostable brush has been designed with those tasks that require a lot of elbow grease. Use for scouring pots and pans, cleaning veggies, scrubbing muddy boots or even cleaning tools in the garden.

  • Natural Tampico and Palmyra plant based bristles that are sturdy, durable, hard but flexible and made for heavy duty cleaning. Known as 'union fibre' bristles which blends both plant based fibres for an ultra strong bristle.
  • If you're looking for a slightly lighter pot brush for everyday use, try our bamboo pot brush.
  • Beechwood untreated handle that has been ergonomically designed.
  • Diameter 6.5cm, 13.5cm long.
  • This brush is extremely versatile and can be used not only in the kitchen but also in the bathroom, for the laundry, on muddy shoes or in the garage etc.
  • Works perfectly with our dish washing bar -not too soft, not too hard!
  • At the end of it's life it can be composted in your garden.

Store bristle side down and try not to leave it sitting in water as looking after your brush will prolong it's lifespan.

All Redecker brushes are FSC certified. The FSC label is granted to wooden products that come from responsibly managed forests or plantations – certified in accordance with the strict guidelines of the Forest Stewardship Council.