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Bamboo Make Up Pot with Sifter

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How it Works: Order an empty bamboo pot (or you can use your own jar at home however be aware that some lids won't work very well as the poweder can creap out the edges), Purchase a refill which are available in 4g or 8g that arrive in a cardboard tube only. Samples are also available for only £2 to test beforehand.

The bamboo pot with sifter comes empty, so you can refill with a mineral product of your choice. The sifter is (recyclable) plastic hwoever there is no other alternative available right now and the spot and sifter and designed to be reused. You can unscrew the top part of the sifter to pour in your make up refill,which also allows you to wash it out and change to a different product. The refills can be used with existing glass jars or pots you may have but just be careful about spillage.