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A Year's Supply Bamboo Toothbrush

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An eco bathroom must-have and something you don't want to run out of! Having been hotly requested, we've put together a variety of toothbrush bundles. Dentists recommend replacing your toothbrush every three months and the bundle can used by yourself for the entire year or share with the family. Either way, you save 10% compared to buying individually.

The Truthbrush is both beautiful and luxurious as well as biodegradable. The rounded ergonomic handle is crafted from sustainable, organic bamboo which is naturally anti bacterial which you can compost. The Bristles are made from 62% castor oil, a plant based oil however cannot be composted. You should remove the bristles/head of the toothbrush before composting. I'm hoping a 100% plant based and biodegradable brush comes along soon...!

Bundles available in:

  • 4x medium (one of each colour)
  • 4x soft (grey and white)

The photos are displayed in order of the descriptions above. You will receive all four toothbrushes at the same time. If you're looking for recyclable electric toothbrush heads click here