If you follow me on Instagram, you will see I am holding a 'seconds' sale for items such as where the packaging is damaged, the BBE date has just/will be shortly expiring, a select few items that we have decided are 'off brand' or in colours we are not intending to stock any more all in readiness to move into our new HQ. They are all perfectly good and working low waste goods so it's a one-off chance to grab them in sale as we don't usually hold sales as this encurgae impulse buying and we really don't have the margin too. We are therefore selling most of these at a loss however that's better than them not being used at all!


We have the following items avilable and you can click on the hyperlink to find out more about the product.


Beautykubes oily shampoo, mens hair and body wash and conditioner where the BBE date has/is shortly expiring.

  • BBE June 2019 @ 50% off now £4.75
  • BBE Oct 2019 @ 30% off now £7.60
  • BBE Nov 19 @ 20% off now £6.30

The kubes work perfectly, I had been using some withou realising from June 2019 and there is absolutely no difference.


Himalayan Salt Bar @20% off now £3.84

The salt bar has attracted moisture which has stained the paper packaging.


Organic Face Masks by Corinne Taylor

Deep Cleanse BBE Sept 19 @ 50% off now £7.98

Glow BBE Oct 19 @ 30% off now £11.17

Deep Cleanse BBE Nov 19 @ 20% off now £12.76

Soothe BBE Dec 19 @ 10% off now £14.35


Patch Plasters

  • BBE Sept 2019 @ 50% off
  • Available in Natural, Aloe Vera and Charcoal


Wooden razor in dark brown/blue. Discounted as we only have a couple left and no longer sell this brand. Sold without blades.

RRP £10, now £10.


Facial wipes x 10. We no longer sell these patterns but have a couple of older prints left over. Similar to the link (by Vesta Living).

Grey triangles, navy triangles, plain grey or a mix of plain/triangle print in grey,white,pink & navy.

RRP £12, now £8.


Reusable Cloth Wipes x6 pack

We only have a few remaining and will be discountinuing this pattern.

RRP £15, now £10.

Pink triangles, Grey Triangles, Multi Print as per link


Run with Wolves Soy Candle

The lids were previously sprayed black although are chipped so you can see the aluminim beneath. They still smell as gorgeous as always. 180ml, 45 hours burn time.

RRP £14 now £10.

Seconds Sale

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