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The Kind Club isn't like any ordinary mailing list. We don't spam your inbox with hard sales techniques or bombard you every other day. Instead, you'll receive an email every month* packed full of interesting content related to living a kind life. Kind to people, the animals and the planet. That's why all of our items are natural, cruelty free and eco-friendly.

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  • Top tips on taking small steps to make your life a little bit more eco-friendly. It's all about doing what is practical for you, one step at a time.
  • Meet the maker - Interviews with the amazing brands we stock. The vast majority are small independent businesses in the UK and the stories behind each brand are inspiring.
  • A spotlight on other amazing brands out there that you may not have heard of.
  • Links to interesting articles I have come across over the past month.
  • Facts about natural skincare from the experts.
  • A quick update from Tower Hill Animal Sanctuary.

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