Sustainable Business Plan


It's time to up our game as a business and shout about our sustainable policies already in practice, and what we have in the pipeline.

Our Principles (a principal based approach to business)

  1. We only ever stock vegan products and prioritise 100% vegan brands like ourselves.

  2. We aspire to be a zero waste business. 

  3. We ensure all skincare ingredients are from natural ingredients. No SLS, parabens, artificial ingredients, fragrances and preservatives etc. 

  4. We prioritise handmade products.

  5. We encourage a fair and transparent supply chain.

  6. Where we can, we choose organic products over non-organic however we have found the options are limited or too expensive right now. 

  7. We prioritise working with small independent businesses and those based in the UK.

  8. We source the vast majority of our products direct to the brands themselves to help support other small businesses. This means there is a shorter supply chain, they are able to pay better wages, create better quality products, produce locally and leave less of an environmental impact in getting their products to you.

  9. We post all of our products in plastic free packaging, from either re-used packaging from suppliers or recycled packaging.

  10. We give at least 10% of our profits to charity. Our current charity partner is Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary in Essex. 

As a responsible business, we enact the same values and principles wherever we have a presence, and know that good practices in one area do not offset harm in another.

Why a Sustainable Business Plan?

As our planet faces massive economic, social and environmental challenges the UN has created 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's) to define global priorities and aspirations for 2030 and encourages all businesses to align their strategy and ensure sustainability is at the core of their business strategy.

The Kind Store was created with sustainability at it’s core but I think it’s important we have a way to record, monitor and continue to improve so we have set out our own Kind Business Plan with the UN SDG’s as our overarching framework to shape, steer, communicate and report our strategy, goals and activities.

See more about the 17 SDG’s here.

We want to do business responsibly and then pursue opportunities to solve environmental and societal challenges through business innovation and collaboration.

Our Performance

If you want to find out more about our waste specifically, head over to our Trash Transparency page. Our way of business may only be a drop in the ocean to contributing to global sustainable development but at least our drop is clean.

People - Human Rights
Sustainable Development Goal: No poverty, zero hunger, quality education, reduced inequalities, gender equality and decent work.
Our products are largely sourced from the maker direct (currently 80%) where are makers and suppliers have considerably researched their own supply chain to ensure the products are fairly made. We will shortly be requesting all of our suppliers to sign up to our 'Kind Suppliers' contact which will encompass all Sustainable Development Goals.

People - Good Health & Wellbeing
Our products are made from natural ingredients with limited processes meaning not only are the products good for your skin, they are non-toxic for the people that make them.

Planet - Clean Water
Water consumption and cleanliness is currently an area where the information and statistics are not available for the entire supply chain from the water used in making packaging to growing individual ingredients.
Where fabric is sourced, we always choose organic and unbleached when we have the option and ensure all of our printed inks are plant based.
We have made he decision from now on to only stock new cotton products made from organic cotton and where we have existing non-organic cotton, we are slowly phasing this by working with our suppliers to find alternatives. Why? Cotton is mostly grown in monoculture and is a very pesticide-intensive crop. Although it is only grown on 2.5% of the world's agricultural land, it consumes 16% of all the insecticides and 6.8% of all herbicides used worldwide, all of which enters streams and rivers in the run-off.

Planet - Clean Energy
Our HQ is currently run on 100% renewable electric, supplied by Bulb. We hope to one day install our own solar panels.
We have seen many of our suppliers make a similar change and we are in the process of gathering data to be able to provide a % of our suppliers which run on clean energy.As a small customer facing business, we are last in the supply chain and we are unable to gather this data throughout the entire supply chain, only our main point of contact which is often a independent maker here in the UK.

Planet - Climate Action
Postage Emissions We currently use Royal Mail for all of our postage needs. Unfortunately, carbon neutral courier systems are too expensive for the 'small' parcels we send but we hope as we get larger that we can use a carbon neutral service at no extra cost to you guys. It is great to see push bike and scooter courier services in London and we hope similar will be available in Essex soon too for local deliveries. At the moment, we do not offer a refill service until we have fully analysed the carbon emissions when each customer would have to send back their bottle for a refill.  Although packaging and plastic pollution are a hot topic right now, our overall aim is to reduce carbon emissions as the planet is on fire!
Trees Our packaging is 100% plastic free however we realise it is instead made from trees. All of packaging is either re-used from suppliers or 'new'. Our new means it's cardboard made from recycled card, or newspaper saved from the bin. This is sourced from Tash's commute to London for her day job or from Jason's Nan as she get's through a lot of newspaper.

Planet - Responsible Consumption & Reduction
Ingredient Sourcing, Supply Chain Integrity We are in the process of creating our 'Kind Supplier's contract which will be a code of ethical conduct based on the Sustainable Development Goals which we will request all suppliers and companies we work with sign up to to ensure we are aligned for the greater good.
Our influence We appreciate that we have an influencing capacity across social media and any press we appear in. At all times we have the sustainability at the forefront however it must be appreciated that on social media, our account is a mix of both personal and business updates and that nobody or no business is perfect, especially as we navigate the tricky and ofter green-washed world as a sustainable business. We encourage our customers to buy less, but buy better.
Subscriptions We are working on a subscription service that can not only ensure customers have their essentials when they need them to avoid a last minute dash to the supermarket, but that the packaging used is a closed-loop scheme.
Refill Service As mentioned above, we are calculating the emissions involved with a refill scheme as this involves customers sending back empty bottles to us creating additional transport emissions vs buying a replacement product in duplicate packaging.
Bulk Buy We are yet to explore this option with our customers however it is our intention in 2020 to obtain feedback from our customers and is positive, work with our suppliers to offer bulk buy options which will decrease both packaging and transport emissions.
Circular packaging At the beginning of January 2020, if not sooner, we will shortly be releasing a closed-loop returnable packaging option for customers who want to go completely zero waste when shopping online. 

Our Key Performance Indicators

We will shortly report on the following key performance indicators. % of products that are:

  • Vegan: 100%
  • Organic:
  • Plastic Free:
  • Compostable:
  • Water Free:
  • Give Back:
  • Made in the UK:
  • Refillable:
  • Contain Sustainably Sourced Palm Oil: