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Natasha Lovegrove (nee Tyler) founder of The Kind Store, is available for comment on veganism, sustainable living and creating a successful business...with no business plan! She has experience in hosting award shows, panel talks, inspiring speeches, podcasts and Instagram face-to-camera stories. If you'd like to talk to Natasha, email hello@thekindstoreonline.co.uk.



Featured in Italia! Magazine, October Issue 2021

Our extremely popular Italian Herb Kitchen Kit that is perfect as a gift or as a treat to yourself, has been featured in Italia! Magazine.



Featured in Homestyle Magazine Christmas 2021, September 2021

The Kind Store's Ten & Co. Vintage Orange Compostable Sponge Cloth has been featured as a perfect eco friendly gift to buy for your friends and loved ones.

vintage orange compostable sponge cloth. 

Featured in Real People Magazine, 23rd September 2021

The Kind Store's salon-look sustainable Natural Vegan Nail Polish - Green Daze, has been chosen to feature in Real People's magazine.  



Featured in Homes & Interiors Scotland, September 2021 

Our incredibly useful Ten & Co Compostable Sponge Cloth's have been selected and featured in Homes & Interiors Scotland.

ten and co compostable sponge cloth fern.


Featured in Woman's Own Magazine, August 2021

Our beautiful Ten & Co Compostable Sponge Cloth's have been handpicked and featured in Woman's Own Magazine, as a great alternative to a traditional sponge or cloth that cannot be recycled.

ten and co compostable sponge scallop sage design.


Featured in Your Home Magazine, August 2021

Our incredibly practical and durable Stainless Steel 900ml Olive Lunchbox has been chosen to be featured in Your Home Magazine.


Featured in Woman & Home Magazine, August 2021

The Kind Store has been featured in the August Edition of Woman & Home for it's zero waste and plastic-free Stainless Steel Sandwich Box 900ml.

stainless steel and bamboo eco friendly lunch box.

Featured in Decor & Design Scotland, July 2021

The Kind Store's Compostable Sponge Cleaning Cloths (x6) were featured in Decor & Design Scotland's Eco Friendly Summer Cleaning Guide.
compostable sponges (x6)

Featured in PlantBased Magazine, July 2021

Our very popular, incredibly handy and aesthetically pleasing Botanical Vegan Wax Wraps-On-a-Roll have been featured in PlantBased Magazine.
botanical vegan wax wraps on a roll next to cardboard box packaging.


Featured in MMM Magazine, July 2021

Our bestselling and aesthetically pleasing Set of Three Leakproof Stainless Steel Food Containers and Bamboo Cutlery Set have been featured in MMM Magazine's top sustainable picnic tips section.

eco friendsly travel snack containers.  sustainable bamboo cutlery set.


Featured in Homes & Interiors Scotland, 28th July 2021

The Kind Store's 350ml Stainless Steel Cup 2 Pack by Elephant Box, that are perfect for those picnics this summer, were featured in the Summer issue of Homes & Interiors Scotland.

stainless steel reusable 350ml picnic cups. 


Featured in Prima Magazine, July 2021

The Kind Store's super summer-y and easy to grow Butterfly Growbars have been featured in the July edition of Prima Magazine.

butterfly growbar seed bar.


Featured by Mummy In A Tutu, 15th June 2021

The Kind Store's Surprise Father's Day Kind Box was kindly featured in Mummy In A Tutu's gift guide blog post.

the kind box eco-friendly and ethical gifting.


Featured in The Lady Magazine, June 2021

The Kind Store's lovely gift to yourself or others, Gin Growbar was featured in The Lady Magazine.

 gin growbar seed bar


Featured in Om Yoga Magazine, June 2021

The Kind Store were so excited to see that their SPF 30 Sun Cream was featured in the Om Loves section of the June Edition of Om Yoga Magazine.

mineral and vegan suncream in aluminium tin. 


Featured by At Home With Alice, 1st June 2021

The Kind Store had their Surprise Father's Day Kind Box featured by At Home With Alice in their Father's Day Gift guide.

kind box ethical and vegan gift box.


Featured in My Weekly Special, June 2021

The Kind Store is excited to have their Surprise Father's Day Kind Box featured by Dilly Orme in the June edition of My Weekly Special.

the ethical and vegan kind box.


Featured by A Mum Reviews, 30th May 2021

The Kind Store is so grateful to have been chosen to be featured by A Mum Reviews, for our Surprise Father's Day Kind Box in their Father's Day Gift Guide.

brown cardboard box with white writing on it the kind box ethical vegan and sustainable. 


Featured in Aspire Essex Magazine, 24th May 2021

The Kind Store's Surprise Father's Day Kind Box has been featured in this beautiful luxurious magazine, Aspire Essex.

ethical and plastic free mens gift box.


Featured in The Sun's Fabulous Magazine, 16th May 2021

The Kind Store is so grateful to have been picked to feature in The Sun's Fabulous Magazine for the summery and super easy-to-use Bee Growbar.

bee growbar seed bar. 


Featured by Fish Media in Life Magazine, May 2021

The Kind Store is delighted to be featured in Life Magazine's Luxury Bathroom Guide for the Nathalie Bond Glow Soap Bar.

ethical and sustainable soap in yellow plastic free packaging.


Featured by The Daily Record, 8th May 2021

The Kind Store was excited to find that their Daily Defence Moisture Mist was featured in The Daily Record's #styleInspo Accessories Edit by Lara Scott.

 plastic free and natural vegan moisture mist in glass bottle.


Featured by Open The Door Events, April 2021 

Feeling grateful that The Kind Store have been picked as a favourite eco-friendly, ethical and plastic free store by Open the Door events.


Featured by Culture South West, April 2021

The Kind Store has been chosen for our Set of 3 Leakproof Stainless Steel Containers to feature as a great way to limit food waste. 


Featured on Jo Moseley's The Joy of Sup Blog, 3rd April 2021

It was so much fun to feature on The Joy of Sup Podcast with Jo Moseley and we love this brief overview of what we chatted about, that Jo has written in her blog.


Featured by The Midlands Traveller, 28th March 2021

The Kind Store are so grateful to have their Leakproof Food Containers featured in The Midlands Traveller's blog post and guide on what you need most for a plastic free and conscious picnic.


Featured on The Joy of Sup Podcast, 7th March 2021

It was a pleasure to be asked to feature on the Joy of Sup Podcast by Jo Moseley and talk all things plastic-free, The Kind Store and our joint love of paddleboarding. 


Featured by Zero Waste Alternative, February 2021

The Kind Store is feeling lucky to have been featured as one of the top innovative zero waste shops that Zero Waste Alternative has selected to be featured in their article.


Featured Profile on Sustainacity, 6th December 2020

Thanks to Sustainacity, The Kind Store has been featured on their website as one of their chosen company profiles based on our sustainable principles. 


Featured on Two Shoes Creative, 3rd December 2020

We could not be more grateful to have been picked by Two Shoes Creative as an online store that provides eco-friendly Christmas gifts. Our Kind Christmas Gift Box Range has also been given a special mention!


Featured in The Climate Issue Magazine, Issue 3 December 2020

We love that The Climate Issue have have picked The Kind Box (our sustainable gift box) as one of their top eco-friendly gifts for inspiration for Christmas! We only want to make it easier for other people to gift consciously this Christmas and could not feel luckier that other people feel the same.


Featured on Eco Age, November 2020

What a privilege to be chosen to be featured in this article by Eco Age about Black Friday, alongside some of the biggest eco-conscious and sustainable brands. We could not be happier about all the support we have received in relation to Black Friday and this has been the cherry on the cake. 


Featured by Wicked Leeks, 26th November 2020

The Kind Store are incredibly grateful to have been featured on Wicked Leeks as a perfect place to shop for ethical gifts, including our soy candles. 


Collaborated with My Plastic Diary App, November 2020

The Kind Store encouraged people to download the Plastic Diary app and start tracking their plastic footprint. It’s a great way to monitor how much you use so you can then try and reduce it. We were excited to be able to do a giveaway with this company to promote a greater awareness in this area.


Featured by Kind Collection, November 2020

Kind Collection Jewellery reached out to us to find out a bit more about the story behind The Kind Store and Tash, the founder and her thoughts on sustainability, ethical practice and her top swaps!  

Featured by Viva! - The Vegan Charity 

Thanks to Viva! The Vegan Charity, we have been mentioned in their article as a place to buy a reusable lunchbox when travelling.


Featured on The New Dawn Podcast, Episode 005

Natasha Lovegrove (nee Tyler) absolutely loved speaking on this podcast with the founder Dawn Lucht, about how every day people can do extraordinary things. Natasha catches up with Dawn and explains more about small businesses and the story of how and why she started The Kind Store.


Partnered with Dogwoof, October 2020 

The Kind Store are so proud to have partnered with Dogwoof on their latest documentary I am Greta. We have donated some bundles containing a selection of our vegan, natural and sustainable products to be part of a #GoGreenWithGreta giveaway that will hep to raise awareness about eco-friendly actions that we can all take.

screenshot of i am greta film featuring the kind store.


Featured in Brand Mentions, October 2020

The Kind Store is feeling very humbled to be used as an example by Ray Slater-Berry in his Brand Mentions article. We are featured as a brand that is conscious of this world and sustainability, by leading the way with our 10 sustainable principles for a sustainable future based around people, planet & animals. This in turn builds trust and encourages like-minded people to follow our consistent journey to continue to achieve this.


Featured in Clementine Newsletter, October 2020

We we so excited that The Kind Store was chosen to feature in The Clementine Newsletter by Alina, one of our customers. Clementine is a hypnotherapy app for sleep, confidence and anxiety. 


Featured in Zigzag Global, September 2020

Thanks to Ray Slater-Berry for deciding to feature The Kind Store in his article written for Zigzag. We appreciate being recognised as a company that is helping to reduce the climate change issue, with our 10 principles for a sustainable business always at the forefront of our mind. 


Featured in The Good Trade, September 2020

This is such a great article for The Kind Store to have been picked to be featured in by The Good Trade in September 2020. Described as the UK based online store for all things eco-friendly (including period and sexual health products).


Featured on Agnes LDN Podcast: Season 2 Episode 6, August 2020

Natasha Lovegrove (nee Tyler) was so pleased to be invited onto the Agnes LDN Podcast to talk about all things The Kind Store, Season 2 Episode 6. In this podcast she has the privilege to talk about her lifestyle changes to the opening of her shop, how she chooses her products, how to recognise common certifications and how to understand which ingredients to avoid.


Featured in The Climate Issue Magazine, July 2020

We were so excited when The Kind Store was asked to be featured in the first issue of The Climate Issue Magazine written by Sophia Nicholaou. She features The Kind Store as a place she loves to buy eco-friendly beauty products from because of the quality of them and how it allows her to shop local. 


Featured in The Do-Gooders

How wonderful for The Kind Store to be picked by The Do-Gooders to feature on their website as a go to eco-friendly brand. They have described how The kind Store is kind to people, planet and animals.


Featured on The Sustainable Business Club Podcast, Episode 04

This was a great opportunity to be invited to take part in for Tash Tyler and The Kind Store and we could not have been more excited to get involved and answer all of the questions that The Sustainable Business Club had to ask. From what helped The Kind Store to grow and where it all began.


Featured in Love From Lulu, June 2020

What a wonderful treat it was for The Kind Store to be asked for a full feature and review by the lovely Lulu Gibbons. She talks about how many items we have saved from going to landfill and reviews our bamboo razor, 2 in 1 shampoo bar and deodorant balm


Featured in Be Kind Magazine, March 2020 

It was such a pleasure for The Kind Store to be featured as a 2 page spread in the March 2020 Issue of this wonderful magazine Be Kind. Natasha Lovegrove (nee Tyler) describes her plastic free and vegan journey, The Kind Store's story and shares a few tips on how to be zero waste.


Featured in The UK Newspaper, February 2020 

Thanks to the UK Newspaper Natasha Lovegrove (nee Tyler), the founder of The Kind Store was asked to write an article for them in February 2020. Natasha writes about how more and more people are looking to become more sustainable and kinder to planet, people and the animals. This leads into a deeper discussion on vegans and non-vegans and the likelihood of each to buy from The Kind Store, and how this has already changed in just 2 years. 


Featured by Creative Wilderness 

We could not have been more excited to work with Charlotte at Creative Wilderness to build The Kind Store's branding. Charlotte has enabled us to create a greater brand awareness and has improved our customer engagement. We could not be happier with what Charlotte has come up with! This project has also been featured by Conscious Entrepreneurs, a space for conscious and like-minded business owners to be supported.


Featured in Pebble Magazine, January 2020

We love that The Kind Store has been chosen this winter by Pebble Magazine to be featured in their article as one of their chosen ethical winter skincare brands. We cannot rate the Konjac Sponge enough and we are so glad that it will now be shared with a wider audience and be able to educate more people on what it can do to help you - with over 1500 years of evidence that it works!


Featured in Natural Products News, December 2019

The Kind Store is feeling great to have been mentioned in this article by Natural Products Online on 10th December 2019 for being a vegan, natural and sustainable online shop.


Featured in Ethica Magazine, December 2019

We are so happy that The Kind Store has been picked this Christmas for The Ethica Magazine as a place to buy Vegan & Ethical Christmas Gifts. The gift we have been picked for is the Run With Wolves Vegan Soy Candle. 


Featured in Living Quietly Magazine, December 2019 - Print & Online

We are so grateful that The Kind Store was chosen to be featured as a go to sustainable shop in their December 2019 Issue. Our vegan, natural and zero waste online shop has been chosen based on Christmas approaching and the impact that Christmas has on our annual footprint. The Kind Store Christmas bundles and festive gift sets help people to buy less by buying better.


Featured in Business Quick Magazine, November 2019

We are so happy that the article written by Lucy Sheriff for Forbes has been re-printed online in the Business Quick Magazine as a reference for people who are interested in zero-waste living.


Featured in Living in Alignment, November 2019

What a great feature about The Kind Store by Jess at Living in Alignment! We love the 10 products they have reviewed and listed of ours, as 10 products to live a zero waste life.


Featured in Forbes, November 2019

We are so excited that The Kind Store was picked to be the main feature in the Forbes article on 26th November 2019. An interview took place with Natasha Tyler (nee Lovegrove), the founder of the Kind Store which outlines the story of how the shop started, the struggles of going plastic-free pre-The Kind Store and what the future holds for a vegan, natural and plastic-free store.


Featured in Pebble Magazine, November 2019

We could not be happier to see that The Kind Store has been featured in The Pebble Magazine on 20th November 2019. We have been chosen as one of the 5 Best New Sustainable Stores You'll Want to Spend At. The Kind Store has been described as a 100% vegan online store that aims to bring about positive societal change by curating a collection of exclusively vegan, natural and sustainable everyday items.


Collaborated with Earthborn Paints, April 2019

The Kind Store was excited to announce collaborating with Earthborn Paints in a giveaway of our beloved and super popular Truthbrushes. 


Featured in Naturaler, February 2019

The Kind Store is so proud to have been featured in this Naturaler article, as one of the top online zero waste shops in the UK. We have been described as having a really good selection of products that are kind to the environment.