natasha tyler sitting on a paddle board founder of the kind store.

News and stories from The Kind Store HQ and founder, Natasha Tyler

Natasha Tyler relaunches Paddle & Pick Up Challenge Marathon

21 May 2020 - Having had a couple of failed attempts of getting the challenge up and running in 2019 and then being delayed by Covid-19, Tash relaunched her Paddle & Pick Up Challenge on 21 May to help raise money for Plastic Patrol. If you would like to make a donation towards the £1000.00, you can here.

"My Paddle & Pick Up Marathon is two fold. 1. To collect litter in the UK waterways by documenting my paddle boarding and litter picking and 2. To take on a challenge that will encourage donations to Plastic Patrol to make sure litter stays out of nature. I am therefore paddle boarding the length of a marathon over one weekend on 18/19 July which will also coincide with Plastic Free July. I'll be doing lots of paddles in the run up to collect as much litter as possible too. You can watch my progress on Instagram @thekindstoreuk."

Sealion donate Eco Stand-up paddle board for fundraiser 

23 March 2020 - Sealion Boards have kindly donated an eco paddle board for the duration of Tash's training and marathon which will be returned to them. They create the most eco SUP board in the world and have gifted the Otago 10'6' All-In-One SUP which has a bloom algae foam deck pad, reducing the dependence on non-renewable petroleum foams and natural and renewable Yulex grab handles in place of petroleum neoprene.

The SUP board arrived on the first day of lockdown so Natasha has yet to put the board to the test!

12 Mile Paddle Boarding Fundraiser

28 September 2019 - Founder Tash, will be paddle boarding 12 miles along The River Thames to help raise money for Plastic Patrol. See more info here. *update* Unfortunately due to weather the event was cancelled. Tash hopes to take part next year instead!

New Kind Store HQ

04 August 2019 - A new Kind Store HQ is underway. It's at the back of Tash's garden and being built by Tash, Jason, family and a good friend's building company. We have opted to keep the new HQ close to home for a number of reasons. Firstly, commercial rents are too expensive in Essex to entertain the idea of renting a unit. As a small online store, the sums just don't stack up. Also, since Tash still works full-time, it's much easier being able to pack orders from the garden. The local post office is only up the road too!

The main structural and weather-proofing elements are being built from new, good quality materials and chosen on a cost-quality-sustainability balance as in reality, many cutting-edge sustainable materials are rarely used or so bespoke that they are not within budget for a garden outbuilding. However, all shelving, desks and internal fixtures, finishes and furniture (all the loose stuff) will be sourced second-hand or up cycled.

Help Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary

23 July 2019 - Our charity partner Tower Hill Stables is on the brink of closure due to the influx of rescued animals and limited monthly donations received to ensure the long term survival of the sanctuary. If you would like to support Tower Hill with a one-off or monthly donation via Paypal (as little as £1) you can do so here.

Paddle Boarding & Litter Picking

13 July 2019 - Founder Tash, joined Plastic Patrol for a two hour clean up in Hackney Wick, London. All litter collected is logged on the Plastic Patrol app to record the litter, analyse with the University partner Nottingham, make manufacturers of the waste accountable and ultimately instigate change and reduce the production of single use plastics.

natasha tyler and lizzie carr founder of plastic patrol and clean up event in hackney wick

Zero Waste with Terracycle

01 July 2019 - The Kind Store have purchased a zero waste beauty box and zero waste packaging supplies box from Terracycle. Terrracycle waste isn't typically recycled. The beauty box will be used for customers to return the normally non-recyclable items purchased from The Kind Store to be recycled i.e. mascara refills, black plastic lids. This will be available shortly when a PO Box has been set up. The packaging supplies box is for the odd plastic tape and other packaging received, which is very minimal but sometimes included on boxes that suppliers have reused themselves. It's also for the backing material of the postage labels which is plastic based and not normally recyclable. Unfortunately there is not another option at the moment for postage labels so at least it is recycled.

Donation of £500 to Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary

18 April 2019 - We donate 10% of our profits to charity. At the end of our first year, since our profits were marginal, we decided to go over and above 10% and make a minimum payment of £500 so thank you to every customer who has helped us make this donation. Going forwards, we will ensure we always meet this minimum and to help the sanctuary, we have set up a £50 monthly donation so they can rely on our support throughout the year.

First Kind Store Event

22 April 2019 - Our first Kind Event was amazing. We all volunteered at Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary and painted fences in the sunshine to ensure the longevity ready for the animals to be allowed in the new fields. Fiona and Martin of Tower Hill purchased a new farm site approximately a year ago so there is lots of work to do there.

It was so nice to meet our customers and we all bought food for a zero waste vegan picnic too and everyone went home with a plastic free goody bag. 

the kind store event tower hill stables.

The Kind Store's 1st Birthday

30 March 2019 - Our first birthday. We haven't yet looked at the stats to see how many of you have supported us but to everyone, thank you so much for making small sustainable changes.

Plastic Fishing in Amsterdam

6 March 2019 - Whilst in Amsterdam, founder Tash ensured her weekend trip away with friends was Kind. Plastic Fishing is the world's first tourist clean up scheme on water where they collect rubbish from the canals and turn it into community focussed items such as play grounds. Even the boat was made from recycled plastic bottles! 

natasha tyler plastic fishing amsterdam.


 (We only started our News Highlights Reel in March. The Kind Store was founded in March 2018).