Find out more about our hand picked brands below. All chosen as their ethos aligns with ours.

Black + Blum - 100% vegan brand

Dan Black and Martin Blum met while studying industrial design at Northumbria University. "We can’t claim to be true ‘eco warriors’ because we are bringing new physical products into existence, but we try to create designs which will function well for years to come and which encourage people to live and enjoy being more environmentally responsible."

Bean + Boy - 100% vegan brand

Bean and Boy is a family-run business making soap by hand in Southend-on-Sea, UK. “We started making soap for our family when our daughter developed a mild form of eczema that was made worse by commercially-produced soaps and washes. We spent months researching, and tried out loads of different recipes and combinations to find the ones that work for our daughter’s skin – and for us too.” Stacey's hand made soaps take up to six weeks to cure. The soaps come wrapped in recycled kraft paper with naturally dyed yarn and recycled tags. 

Lucky Cloud Skincare - 100% vegan brand

Lucky Cloud Skincare is a natural, vegan friendly skin care company based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Founded in 2015 and run by Lucy Cardwell; inspiration for Lucky Cloud comes from her own struggles with skin conditions and a desire to find products that didn't exacerbate her sensitive skin. All products are lovingly handmade in small batches, using luxurious quality raw materials which are all plant based to create moisture rich, nourishing and soothing products for your skin.

Corinne Taylor - 100% vegan brand

A Brighton based company led by Corinne Taylor, a qualified aromatherapist and lover of all things natural and organic. “All of our ingredients are hand picked for their specific therapeutic benefits, meaning that not only do they provide a beautiful natural aroma but they are also serve a purpose.” All products are certified cruelty free with the Leaping Bunny Programme and are registered with The Vegan Society.

White Rabbit - 100% vegan brand

Melanie started White Rabbit Skincare in April 2014 after being diagnosed with the skin condition psoriasis. “Our products are carefully crafted by hand by our skilled team to ensure the highest quality, and we never include animal-derived ingredients (such as beeswax), Parabens, SLS, Silicones, Mineral oils or derivatives of petrochemicals, artificial fragrances, artificial colours, or anything else confusing and synthetic.” All products are certified with The Vegan Society, PETA and Nature Watch.

About Wild Sage + Co - We stock the vegan only products from Wild Sage + Co 

Julie's workshop is in an old converted barn, surrounded by her traditional cottage garden. “We are a small family-run business hand crafting cold processed soaps and skin-loving balms from natural ingredients. We believe skin care should be simple and our ingredients derived from nature.”

The Natural Deodorant Company- 100% vegan brand

Laurie was tired of spending time and money on natural deodorants that needed to be reapplied every couple of hours, so she decided to create her own. ‘Every one of our products is 100% natural, free from preservatives, alcohol, artificial fragrance & palm oil. They are all certified cruelty-free and registered with The Vegan Society.”

HydroPhil - 100% vegan brand

Christoph, Sebastian and Wanja, three friends from Hamburg are the founders of HYDROPHIL and their range of water neutral, vegan & fair products. “We are always working on new products that meet our high standards. True to our motto: Do a little bit better every day. By the way: We donate 10% of our profits to the non-profit association Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli e.V., which is committed to providing access to clean drinking water for people in countries of the global South.”

Ben & Anna - 100% vegan brand

“As a strictly vegan couple we have always paid close attention to what we consumed. I had long been searching for a suitable deodorant for myself so we decided to develop our own deodorant which is based solely on all natural ingredients and is free of parabens.” Ben & Anna support the efforts of the “Seekuh” (“Manatee”) of the environmental organisation One Earth – One Ocean e.V. in Hong Kong.

Georganics - We stock the vegan only products from Georganics

“By only using natural ingredients in all our oral care products, we avoid any synthetic chemicals that have been shown to be detrimental to both your health and the environment. From the ingredients we source to our packaging and marketing, we have carefully selected materials that have the lowest impact. This includes using biodegradable and compostable materials like sustainably sourced wood, compostable kraft paper packaging, recyclable glass jars and aluminium lids.”

Truthbrush - 100% vegan brand

“We are Catherine and Catherine and we believe that beautiful things can also be eco friendly. Every year over a billion plastic toothbrushes are thrown away worldwide, ending up in landfill, in the sea or washed up on a beach. Using a bamboo toothbrush with a biodegradable handle is a small change but together we can make a big difference.”

Truthpaste - 100% vegan brand

truthpaste is the UKs first zero-waste and cruelty free mineral based toothpaste. Hand made by Marisa, the story starts in 2013 with the worst toothache of her life. “After experimenting and with the help of the Prince’s Trust I was given support to make truthpaste a reality. I had never dreamed I would be owning my own business, especially in the toothpaste business!”

About Patch - 100% vegan brand

PATCH was born when James Dutton noticed that while trying to protect his son’s adventure wounds his skin was in fact reacting badly to a common wound covering and making the wound worse. “We believe that reducing our environmental footprint is the pathway forwards and we strive to make ours as light as possible. This is why we've chosen to work with bamboo on this unique product line.”

EcoFemme - 100% vegan brand

Eco Femme is a women-led social enterprise founded in 2010. “Based in Tamil Nadu, India, our goal is to create environmental and social change through revitalising menstrual practices that are healthy, environmentally sustainable, culturally responsive and empowering. We produce and sell washable cloth pads, provide menstrual health education and open dialogues on menstruation all along the way.”

OrganiCup - 100% vegan brand

“Half the population on earth have periods for the majority of their lives. Yet no period innovations have happened in over 50 years. Now consider the amount of waste created each month by disposable period products. Consider the chemicals they contain, and that we put inside our bodies. Consider the young girls who stay away from school because they are ashamed of their periods. We’re on a journey to change the way periods affect our lives, our bodies and our environment.”

Flux - 100% vegan brand

“We knew there had to be a better way.” After years of spending every month scared of embarrassing leaks, and dealing with uncomfortable disposables, FLUX founder Paige Fashion knew there had to be another alternative to simply ‘putting up’ so she made it.

Fair Squared - 100% vegan brand

Fair Squared is family owned with no other companies or investors directly or indirectly involved. “Our business principles are rooted in transparency, social and environmental acceptability, animal welfare and solidarity with those who are living in less priviledged parts of the world. We negotiate on an equal footing, we treat our partners with respect and communicate in an honest, fair manner.” Certified by the Fair Label Organisation, Fair Rubber, The Vegan Society, PETA cruelty free and Natrue.

BeautyKubes / Eve of St Agnes - 100% vegan brand

Beauty Kubes are an exciting new organic, vegan friendly shampoo product that is plastic free. “You don't have to take any plastic bottles into the shower with our exciting new concept. Our products are made in Cornwall, UK. Our parent company is Eve of St. Agnes, an award-winning natural beauty brand and last year, we made the decision to remove all plastic bottles from our product ranges. We wanted to go a step further and eradicate all plastic from our products.”

Lamazuna - 100% vegan brand

The French natural cosmetics brand Lamazuna offers high-quality, vegan and exceptionally sustainable body care and hygiene items. The company's philosophy centers around fair working conditions, eco-friendly and traditional production and the idea of zero waste.

Mutiny Shaving - 100% vegan brand

As an Ecofriendly, vegan company, our aim is to never use animal based products, never use plastic in our packaging, use recyclable products and donate a percentage of our profit to various environmental organisations to ensure we are a zero-carbon company. We believe that the Mutiny Shaving experience provides an outstanding shave which is better for your skin, better for your wallet and most importantly, better for the planet.

Bambaw - 100% vegan brand

At Bambaw we believe that with less we can do better. We are part of the zero-waste movement and encourage everyone to take small steps towards sustainability. We believe that a more sustainable and ethically conscious world is not only possible, it’s down to us to create it. Our mission is to reduce the waste generated on earth by providing affordable, quality, zero-waste products.

Amazinc - We only stock the vegan items from amazinc as they use beeswax in other sun creams. 

"We develop and produce simple, natural and functional skincare that is gentle to our skin as well as to the nature around us. We want to cause no unnecessary harm to the environment and inspire people protecting it." 

Scence - 100% vegan brand

Scence Natural Skincare is based in Cornwall and is an artisan range of nourishing balms, handcrafted and presented in simple and beautiful paper packaging which is compostable. Scence offers products for people that care about what they put on their skin as well as how they impact on the world around them.

It is formulated using a range of natural and organic ingredients that are both nourishing for your skin and kind on the environment.

Living Naturally - 100% vegan brand

We founded Living Naturally and started selling soapnuts in 2009. We knew we couldn't be the only ones looking for a more natural, organic, biodegradable, hypoallergenic, sustainable and an environmentally friendly answer to cleaning the house, clothes and everything else in between.

We have since developed a wide-range of award-winning vegan soapnut product lines, which are produced by our family-owned business based in the UK. We have combined a real need and love of what we do, expert herbalist & skincare knowledge, and Ayurvedic principles to create these products.

Vesta Living - 100% vegan brand

Vesta Living was founded by Bryony in 2018 in response to the increasing pressure of single use products on our environment. Vesta produces reusable wipes for the body and the home, with the intention of replacing single use disposable wipes that do not degrade and clog our sewer systems causing millions of pounds worth of damage each year. 

Agnes LDN - 100% vegan brand 

Everything is handmade by Sophie in London. “I’ve always been passionate about looking after our environment however last year I became more interested about the crisis currently facing our planet and when I did more research I was moved to do something about it. It originally started with leftover fabrics from my Fashion Design degree and an idea to make vegetable bags to encourage people to choose loose fruit and vegetables instead of packaged. Most of the product ideas come from my own journey towards a plastic free life, after all if I need it other people will to.”

Zao - Now a 100% vegan brand

With over 10 years experience in organic cosmetics and vision to provide natural formulas enriched with active organic ingredients and sustainable packaging, Zao was born. Inspired by a natural gift received from a Taiwanese friend (a pen and pencil made in bamboo material), David was inspired to use Bamboo for organic make-up. The round shape of the Bamboo gift is the same as the make-up castings produced today. From this point, the brand was born using Bamboo both for casing and formulations.

EcoGlitter Fun - 100% vegan brand

Eco Glitter fun was born from two fun loving party animals, whose mission is to bring responsible sparkles and plastic pollution awareness to the world. We sell biodegradable glitter pots and sets online, via retailers and we partner with brands, events and influencers - all in aid of spreading the 'reduce plastic' message. We sell our biodegradable glitter in plastic free packaging and strive to reduce the amount of plastic used in every aspect of our business. 

All Earth Cosmetics - 100% vegan brand

Angel Face was founded in Cornwall by professional make up artist Julie Wieczorek and natural skincare creator Guy Hanson. As a make up artist, Julie always tested products, to use on her clients, on her own hyper sensitive skin as she thought if it suits her skin it will suit up to the most sensitive skin on her clients.  But she just could not find a chemical free brand that was very gentle on the skin and effective to wear in one go. “We care about animals and the environment. Our products and brushes are cruelty free, palm oil free and vegan. We offer 100% biodegradable, sustainable and recyclable refills for our beautiful bamboo pots.”

Flawless - 100% vegan brand

We are a 100% vegan and cruelty free cosmetics company. Flawless was founded when it's owner set out to purchase a new set of makeup brushes. After learning that many brushes are manufactured with cruelly farmed animal hair she set about searching for makeup brushes that were of a professional standard, affordable and cruelty-free. All of our products are cruelty-free, vegan and have been approved by PETA.

LoofCo - 100% vegan brand

LoofCo products are skilfully hand crafted in Sri Lanka and Egypt by small producers. Using natural materials from the luffa plant and the coconut tree LoofCo offer a natural plastic free alternative to regular scrubbers with a unique range of biodegradable & recyclable pads, brushes & accessories for washing-up, household cleaning & body.

Effective cleaning and designs that have been proven over generations LoofCo products are fairly traded, grown to organic standards and packaged in recyclable material.  Production methods support traditional skills, crops and cottage industries while ensuring fair wages

Huski Home - 100% vegan brand

Huski Home is a family-run company that creates biodegradable coffee cups and puts sustainability at the top of the priority list. Plastic? So yesterday! — The Coffee Cup Revolution

Huski Home are taking the initiative to make all our products earth-friendly, sustainable and recyclable. “We join the ranks of retailers pledging to reduce their environmental impact so we can see a changeable future. POur mission is to do our bit for the environment, and a little bit more, by providing coffee cups made from 100% recycled material. We are working on promoting rice husk as a viable material and an alternative to single-use plastic cups we can which can seriously harm the environment."

Run With The Wolves - 100% vegan brand

Run with Wolves began in the December of 2017 by Jane. Jane’s sustainable journey began around 5 years ago when she made the decision to go Vegan. Her love for animals and the planet inspired her to consider her entire environmental impact and start making conscious choices for a more sustainable future. Run with Wolves is on a mission to promote sustainable living for a better planet; bringing natural, vegan-friendly products into everyday homes.

Self Care Co - 100% vegan brand

Self Care Co. consists of Nicole, Adelaide and dogs Bramble and Willow. Founder Nicole discovered aromatherapy as a therapeutic outlet through difficult periods of anxiety and low mood in her early 20s. “I have always wanted to discover a natural way to make people feel calmer. With this in mind, creating a candle with essential oils seemed to be the perfect way to find a moment of peace in the hectic world we live in. Nicole is very passionate about Mental Health + Wellbeing at Self Care Co, so from every purchase that is made, 10% goes into DON'T JUST STARE - A platform raising awareness of our Mental Health, through Creativity in Schools, Colleges + Universities.”

Jennie Lee Plastic Free - 100% vegan brand

“I made these items originally for myself and now to sell in my shop with the hope that new trends are formed. I wanted to make products available for those of us who actively want to make a difference. Small lifestyle changes made by many could potentially have huge advantages to the future of our Ocean. It is my hope that people will notice you using your cutlery wrap or metal cocktail straw or tote bag and ask you about it - (raising awareness)”

Toockies - 100% vegan brand

The Toockies® project opens an unimaginable door of opportunity for our knitters. In Ujan, Nababpur, women desperate for a dignified way to earn a living, are mobilized and trained to create Toockies® products as a co-op. A community center provides these women with a central location for training, knitting, picking-up yarn, and dropping off finished product, though most knitters work from home, as is culturally required, allowing them to work flexible hours.

Bambu - We only stock they vegan items.

Bambu was established in 2003, and their goal has always been to reduce our use and reliance on plastic by providing people with beautiful, non-toxic products made from nature. Both Jeff & Rachel, the founders of bambu, were born in Portland, Oregon – a place that prides itself on local, homegrown and eco-friendly values. When they were relocated to China for work, a place often criticised for its manufacturing processes, they took these values with them. They wanted to see if they could find a way of doing things differently – creating interest and excitement in sustainable materials, whilst adhering to ethical business practices.

EcoCoconut - 100% vegan brand

EcoCoconut was created to give people the opportunity to choose biodegradable and sustainable coconut based products over plastic. We believe the next generation cares about the future of our planet, and that choice empowers people to make informed decisions to help save our planet from environmental disaster. Awarded Number #1 Corporate Citizen for the 5th consecutive year, for the best Corporate Sustainability Awards in Sri Lanka.

KeepCup - 100% vegan brand

When Jamie and Abigail Forsyth started a café business in Melbourne in 1998, disposable cups were entering the public landscape; the signifier of a busy professional life and a vibrant independent coffee scene.As the business grew, so did their concerns about the volume of packaging being consumed, particularly disposable cups; lined with polyethylene, they were non-recyclable. In 2007, following unsuccessful trials of existing reusable cups, they decided to design and make their own – a barista standard reusable cup for people to enjoy better coffee on the go.

They took a huge gamble that usability, sustainable manufacturing practice and design aesthetics could drive behaviour change and make a difference to how people think about convenience culture.

Qwetch - ?

The story begins when Stephane went on a trip with his friends to Danian, China, to meet with a humanitarian association called Couleurs de Chine. Over there, he noticed everybody drinks loose leaf tea, anytime, anywhere from home to rice fields, to work or even during commute. Inspired by those lifestyle manners, Stephane created the Qwetch on-the-go teamug.

KeepLeaf - ?

We’re committed to a big idea. To create a lifestyle brand that celebrates beautiful, well designed products that make the world a better place. To use sustainable materials and responsible methods of production, and to support meaningful causes.

A Slice of Green - ?

In recent years consumers have become aware of the impact of the disposable culture we live in and want to try and live a more sustainable lifestyle. A Slice of Green products are functional and simple to use so are easy to adopt into everyday life. “All of our products are made in India and we work directly with producers rather than through agents or export houses. We have developed strong relationships with our producers, visiting their production sites around India.”

Turtle Bags - 100% vegan brand

Way back in 2001 when plastic bags were still spilling off the end of our supermarket tills, Turtle Bags was established to raise awareness of the hazards of plastic bags and sell alternatives. “Plastic in our seas is a problem which is invisible to most of us in our daily lives but will be causing problems for many decades disrupting food chains and suffocating sealife. We work with our fair trade partners who share our environmental values to supply environmentally friendly bags.”

Elephant Box - 100% vegan brand 

The idea behind Elephant Box got started around Joy's kitchen table. We wanted to create a stainless steel lunchbox that could hold a hearty packed lunch. We also needed it to stand the test of time and the school bag! The problem of plastic was not hitting the news headlines at all a few years ago but we had a hunch that it wasn't just us that wanted an alternative to plastic food containers.

Smoke & Ash - 100% vegan brand

Created by Sarah Adams in 2017 Smoke and Ash is a small business specialising in handmade recycled sterling silver jewellery and handmade accessories. Having grown up in the coastal town of Burnham-on-Crouch in Essex Sarah wanted to create a Jewellery and lifestyle brand that was heavily inspired by her surroundings. She noticed that there was a gap in the market for Sustainable and Ethically made Jewellery that wasn't too expensive. 

Soapdaze - 100% vegan brand

All soaps are vegan, natural and made in the UK. “All our soaps are cruelty free and use vegan ingredients. At Soapdaze we use the best quality plant based oils and butters, essential oils and botanicals. The Soapdaze products are produced by hand in our Devon workshop. They are produced in small batches to ensure the highest quality possible.

ReSpin - We only stock their vegan items.

ReSpiin is a homeware brand that has been created to showcase stylish recycled and renewable textiles. “It has been exciting to see the developments in sustainable textiles over the last few years, and we felt it was time to bring together some of the most innovative materials under one brand. Each material we use has a story to tell - whether that is about the way it grows or the journey it has been on.”

Dans Le Sac - 100% vegan brand

Dans le sac was founded in 2016 by two 20-something friends – one who was in the habit of taking a pillowcase to the corner bakery to pick up bread! They decided they needed something to use that looked better than the pillowcase but could find nothing on the market so they went to Montreal's famous Rue Chabanel to buy fabric and began producing the prototype of what is now their reusable bread bag.

Kabloom  - 100% vegan brand 

The idea for Seedboms came from Kabloom founder and director Darren Wilson. During his studies in 3D Design and Craft at university he decided to focus his attention on eco-friendly design. Finding that this specific area of design had precious few good products on the market at the time he took it upon himself to design something new. Not only did these products have to be designed with the environment in mind they also had to be innovative, fun and desirable. It was Darren’s belief (and still is) that. “Good design, good ideas and narratives should come first, the eco-friendly part should exist anyway”