plastic free july plastic free kitchen bundle.
plastic free july plastic free kitchen bundle.
plastic free july plastic free kitchen bundle.
plastic free july plastic free kitchen bundle.
plastic free july plastic free kitchen bundle.

Plastic Free Kitchen Bundle

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Scrub, Wash, Bubble, Clean Green & Donate!

COMING SOON: Limited Edition Plastic Free Kitchen Bundle for Plastic Free July. 10% donated to The Felix Project.

We've bundled together a massive Plastic Free Kitchen set which has everything you need to wash your dishes, veggies, worktops, pots, pans, muddy boots, gardening tools or anything else, without having to resort to plastic.

Why Plastic Free Kitchen? This Plastic Free July we are making it easier for you to switch to Plastic Free. In the kitchen, you will typically find plastic everywhere from sponges, microfibre cloths and nylon dish brushes, which break down into micro plastics and end up in the waste water system, ultimately making their way into rives and oceans!

By purchasing this bundle, we will donate 10% to The Felix Project, a London-based food redistribution waste charity set up in 2016 to tackle both food waste and hunger. (Actual amount donated per bundle purchased = £3.30)


The Plastic Free Kitchen Bundle is made from plant based fibres (Tampico & Palmyra) and everything is biodegradable and compostable in the garden. Highly durable and multipurpose, each item has been designed to meet style with sustainability and with all the functionalities to deliver a superior clean in your kitchen.

  • 5cm Wooden Dish Brush: Fantastic for every day washing up with a replaceable head and reusable handle. Compost at home in the garden.
  • 5cm Dish Brush Head Replacement: You'll love it so much, we've included a replacement head in our bundle. Each head lasts around 2 months with everyday use.
  • Compostable Sponges x 4: Made with 70% cellulose and 30% cotton and great for washing up and wiping surfaces or messy faces. Compost at home after use.
  • Vegetable Brush: With both Tampico and Union fibre, this brush has a soft and stiff side, perfect for washing all your veggies or even scrubbing shoes! Compost at home.
  • Bamboo Pot & Pan Scraper: Made from bamboo, perfect for those hard to remove pieces. Compost at home.
  • Bamboo Pot Brush: Scrub like a boss! This completely natural and compostable brush has been designed with those tasks that require a little extra elbow grease for medium to heavy use.
  • Dish Washing Soap Bar: A zero waste, vegan dish washing soap which will change the way you forever wash your dishes! Lasts approx. 4 months with every day use. 100% natural.
  • Large Coconut Scrub Pad: A natural scouring pad made from 100% coconut fibre. Great for dishes, surfaces or even as a soap dish.

Our bundle comes packaged in kraft paper bag with cardboard tag and wooden clip.

Store bristle side down and try not to leave it sitting in water as looking after your brushes will prolong their lifespan. Compost at home in your home compost bin or in the garden after use.