plastic free july plastic free bathroom bundle.
plastic free july plastic free bathroom bundle.
plastic free july plastic free bathroom bundle.
plastic free july plastic free bathroom bundle.
plastic free july plastic free bathroom bundle.

Plastic Free Bathroom Bundle

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Brush, Wash, Clean, Scrub, Store & Donate!

Limited Edition Plastic Free Bathroom Bundle for Plastic Free July. 10% donated to Dig Deep.

We've bundled together a massive Plastic Free Bathroom set which has everything you need to rid plastic from your bathroom shelves. Going plastic free in the bathroom has never been so easy with this set, plus it includes items you use everyday so you will immediately notice the difference in the reduction of waste you produce! 

Why Plastic Free Bathroom? This Plastic Free July we are making it easier for you to switch to Plastic Free. In the bathroom, you are typically surrounding by plastic bottles, tubes and wipes, all destined for landfill which take 100's of years to decompose (into micro plastic we might add). Scary stuff, which can make it's way into rivers and the ocean.

By purchasing this bundle, we will donate 10% to Dig Deep, helping schools and communities get access to water and sanitation in Kenya where 8 out of 10 people lack access. They provide taps, toilets and training. (Actual amount donated per bundle purchased = £3.65)


The Plastic Free Bathroom Bundle includes natural fibres, materials and plant based ingredients that nourish your skin, all of which is home compostable.  

  • 200 Bamboo and Cotton Buds: In a handy tub so you can keep them together.
  • Eco-Friendly Wooden Soap Dish: Help your soap last longer with this stylish dish.
  • Rosemary & Tea Tree Soap: A nourishing mix of coconut oil, shea butter with rosemary and tea tree. 
  • Natural Bamboo Plasters: Completely plastic free, compostable at home and designed to be suitable for those with sensitive skin.
  • Vegan floss: A plastic free floss, made from premium, pure materials found only in nature.
  • Organic Bamboo FlannelA super soft, silky, multi-purpose flannel that is kind to the skin and environmentally friendly so you can ditch disposables.
  • Coconut Fibre Body PadA natural reusable body scrub pad, which can be used as a soap rest too.
  • Bamboo Toothbrush: Medium or Soft plant based bristles and a compostable bamboo handle, painted white to prevent water damage when in your toothbrush pot.

Our bundle comes packaged in kraft paper bag with cardboard tag and wooden clip.