Ecodis All Products Concentrated Laundry Powder 800g

Concentrated Laundry Powder 800g

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This ultra concentrated powder detergent by Ecodis is a soap based washing detergent made from Organic French Plants and Plant Oils. It is an organic and natural laundry product, effective at low temperatures and can be used to clean any fabric.
  • Up to 80 washes = 0.13p per wash
  • Free from Palm Oil
  • Organic Laundry Powder, certified by ECOCERT
  • Made from Organic French Plants and Organic Plant Oils 
  • 800g 
  • Made in France.
  • Double-thickness kraft bag with a plant-based watertight film. (Compostable in your food caddy).

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One machine load of clothes only requires one tablespoon of this washing powder so it does go a long way.  

Compostion: More than 30% of soap obtained only from organic plant oils. 57.2% of the total ingredients are form natural origin.