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Ultra-thin but absorbent pads with wings that are lightweight & breathable providing you around the clock protection from leaks. If reuseable pads aren't you, these are the next best thing. Made form organic cotton with plant based waterproof backing. The pad once used will be disposed to landfill however it's impact is smaller having been made from kinder materials in the first place which in the right conditions will beak down compared to plastic based liners.

  • 10 per box
  • Plant based waterproof backing for leak protection
  • Ultra soft breathable organic cotton topcoat & core
  • Edge to edge natural adhesive for security and to stay in place
  • Available in two absorbencies, day and night.
  • Grace & Green products are certified by ICEA NR. GOTS 2010-009.
  • Produced for Grace & Green by Eco Hygiene Care Limited by TES-123 in Europe.
  • Crafted with 100% Organic Cotton.