Bean & Boy All Products Eco Friendly Hemu Wood Soap Dish
Bean & Boy All Products Eco Friendly Hemu Wood Soap Dish

Eco Friendly Hemu Wood Soap Dish

Bean & Boy
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Bean & Boy's lovely wooden soap dish is are made from sustainable hemu wood, sourced from the Indian Guger Tree and are the perfect size for your Bean & Boy handmade soap to help keep your soap dry between uses and lasting longer. Each dish measures approximately 10 x 6cm.

Each dish has raised ridges so that your handmade soap can effectively dry out and drain off between uses, helping to prolong the life of each bar. Because natural soap contains no preservative, a high-ridged draining soap dish is essential to ensure that it doesn't sit in any water. Best situated on a sunny window cill to let the soap dry out quickly.

How to look after your wooden soap dish

Please note that these natural wooden soap dishes are made from wood, so they will need periodical cleaning to ensure that they don’t discolour with regular use. Your soap dish will benefit from occasional oiling with a light oil such as olive oil or sunflower oil to restore its natural colour, prolong its life and keep it healthy. Make sure that your soap dish doesn’t sit in any water or it will start to absorb it!

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