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Botanical Vegan Wax Wraps Medium Pack

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Get the all rounder pack that covers every base! 

Three wraps - 33 x 33 cm, 26 x 26 cm, 18 x 18 cm

We have tried and tested a lot of vegan wax wraps and these are the best, plus they are made with GOTS certified organic cotton and printed with certified organic low impact dyes. They are infused with food grade plant was and natural tree resin. A

  • Small - great for covering jars, small bowls or even the top of a bottle of wine after you have opened it. It will keep an avocado fresh too.
  • Medium - great for sandwiches or cookies.
  • Large - great for a medium or half a loaf of bread or bowls and casseroles.

A wrap for every occasion. With three different sizes you have every base covered from avocados to aubergine, sandwiches to salad. Use our vegan wax refresher block once your wax starts to degrade (usually after a year with continual use).  

How to use

Using warm hands, shape around food and container to create a breathable seal. Extra warm hands when the wrap is fridge cold!. Enjoy fresher food for longer without plastic pollution. You can wrap anything except raw meat or fish. Avoid heat and food that is still hot. Wash in cold, soapy water and drip dry. (Hot water will melt the wax). Re-use for around a year, with continual use. Then refresh the organic cotton with more wax of compost at home.

Please avoid if you are allergic to any of these ingredients. Your wrap has been individually handmade and may vary slightly in colour, size and detail. As you use and wash your wrap the wax scent will diminish.