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Collection: Cloth Nappies

Disposable nappies are a huge source of waste in a household with young children and are the single largest contributor to landfill in the world! - In the UK, 8 million disposable nappies are binned every day. Reusable nappies are super efficient, comfortable and not to mention and economical.

Our washable nappies but Little Lamb are super soft and absorbent alternative to the single use nappy. Whether you want to go for an all-in-one (recommended for night-time) or a two part nappy, we stock both super soft bamboo and organic cotton with the outer waterproof layer in subtle parent friendly colours. We also stock washable fleecy liners in double and the elusive triple thickness, along with nappy bags and pails as an alternative to the plastic nappy bucket so you can keep them hooked up away from prying hands.

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